• Using deep learning technology, we searched for an alternative flame retardant coagent to antimony trioxide,which is a flame-retardant aid for polyester resins. Specifically, a deep learning model for physical property prediction was constructed based on the flame retardancy mechanism, and candidate materials were predicted andextracted. ...
    IMAIZUMI Toyohiro / OTANI Osamu
    • Polymers
    • Flame retardant
    • Deep learning
    • Prediction of the characteristics
  • In mechanical devices such as relays and switches, polyester-based polymer molded products are used because of their excellent mechanical/electrical characteristics. On the other hand, it is important to control the dimensions of the molded product because the dimensions of the polyester-based polymer molded product change due to the application of heat. In this paper, we have found that coarsening of polymer crystal sizes is effective as a factor that ...
    IMAIZUMI Toyohiro / OTANI Osamu
    • Polymers
    • High-order structure
    • Dimensional stabilization
    • Electronic components
    • Evaluation technology
  • In recent years, high efficiency and maintenance-free systems have been promoted in renewable energies, such as photovoltaic power generation, which are increasingly used as countermeasures against environmental problems. The increase in voltage of the system is accelerating to improve efficiency, and in order to suppress various problems in heat generation when energized with a large current, the relay used for the grid linkage ...
    TAKAHASHI Kei / TAJIRI Sayaka / NODA Masayuki
    • Low contact resistance
    • High capacity switching
    • Concentrated resistance
    • Switching mechanism
    • Impact force
  • In the casino industry, which is a tourism industry that provides entertainment and leisure time creation and amusement for people, the direction for attracting players to casino machines has been evolving rapidly in recent years, and the visual area has been expanding year by year. However, the SPIN button, which is an important button for starting a game,...
    KUDO Takuya / SUMI Masaaki / AGATA Takehiro / ONITSUKA Hiroyuki
    • Mechanical components development
    • Thin structure
    • Transparent structure
    • High durability
    • Impact resistance
  • In recent years, the higher efficiency of systems has been promoted in renewable energy represented by photovoltaic power generation, which is increasingly used as a countermeasure against environmental problems. These systems consist of high voltage DC systems....
    KAWAGUCHI Naoki / MINOWA Ryota / OTSUKA Kohei
    • High capacity of relay
    • Arc control
    • Arc discharge phenomenon
    • Arc interruption performance improvement
    • Environmental energy management equipment
  • In recent years, 3D TOF sensors that can acquire three-dimensional information with a wide viewing angle have attracted attention for the various service robots, such as autonomous driving robots used in factories and nursing care robots. Since 3D TOF sensors can acquire spatial information, they are expected...
    TANAKA Hiroyuki / ISHII Akihiro
    • Distance sensor
    • TOF (Time of Flight)
    • 3 dimensions
    • High accuracy
    • Distance image
  • There is a growing need for miniaturization and high capacity of electronic components along with the trend of miniaturization and energy saving of the equipment, but these requirements have increased the influence of heat on electronic....
    Soda Kazuya / Yokote Yasuhiro / Takegahara Ikuo
    • Thermal deformation
    • Resin parts
    • Anisotropic material
    • CAE
    • Molding material
  • In recent years, the growing interest in environmental problems has stimulated the urgent spread and efficiency improvement of renewable energy. Energy efficiency increases the rated voltage and the current of electrical devices, and the devices require higher interruption....
    Morichi Takahiro / Hama Kai / Itoda Shuichi / Tashiro Shinichi / Tanaka Manabu / Anthony Bruce Murphy
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Simulation technology to quantify arc interruption phenomena
    • Analysis for electromagnetic and thermal phenomena
    • Energy management device for environmental usage
    • Improvement for arc interruption
  • Simulation technology to predict dynamic motion of relay

    Simulation technology for realizing high capacity of relay
    It is very important for design to predict the dynamic motion of contact for realizing downsizing and high capacity for a mechanical relay along with trend of downsizing of application devices and saving energy. In order to predict the dynamic motion of contact...
    Kondo Sumihisa / Yokote Yasuhiro / Tanaka Hiroyuki
    • Coupled analysis
    • Dynamic縲motion analysis
    • Contact bounce
    • Breaking velocity
    • High capacity of relay
  • Many electronic devices such as relays, switches and FA sensors are used in the various environments, and they are protected by seal to guarantee their movements. In particular, in applications where outdoor use, water including salt (saltwater) such...
    Tatsuno Yosuke / Fukuhara Tomohiro / Nagasaka Shogo
    • Seal
    • Saltwater intrusion
    • Penetration distance estimation
    • Evaluation technology
    • Electronic equipment
  • Development of a new system using extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot

    About a challenge to automation in small-lot production
    In recent years, in order to grow further while maintaining its competitiveness in the environment surrounding the electronic parts business(Electronic &Mechanical Components, hereinafter referred to EMC)...
    Ishikawa Yuichi / Matsumoto Yoshihisa
    • Extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot
    • New production system
    • Functional investment analysis
    • Low-cost pickup and placing robot
    • Nonsynchronous transfer
  • Dynamics simulation technology for high electrical durability relay

    Electrical durability design by numerical analysis approach
    Recently energy efficiency improvement of electrical equipment is promoted as environmental issues. This trend also accelerates both downsizing and switching capability for mechanical relays. We need to control...
    Itoda Shuichi / Nishida Takeshi
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Dynamics simulation technology
    • Electrical durability design
    • Electromagnetic analysis
    • Eco-friendly equipment
  • Development of air quality sensor for air purifier

    Accuracy enhancement by optical system and dust collection structure
    Air pollution by fine particulate matter PM 2.5 is becoming a big topic and increasing people窶冱 interest. PM2.5 sensors are installed in air purifiers in our immediate surroundings vicinity and are also pervasive...
    Kawai Hajime / Miyamoto Hiroyuki / Hirose Yuji / Yamamura Satoshi
    • Air purifier
    • Microparticle detection sensor
    • High-sensitive photo IC
    • Dust collection structure
    • High frequency wave filtering