• By the arrival of the IoT era, embedded devices that connect to the Internet are being exposed to cyberattacks1). In order to provide products that users can use with assurance, it is necessary to analyze security threats and take countermeasures to avoid important cyberattacks. OMRON....
    SERIKAWA Masataka / NIWA Toru / YOSHIOKA Sachie / HARADA Shintaro
    • IoT
    • Security
    • Threat analysis
    • Secure by design
    • Software engineering
  • As a variety of social issues have been noticed in recent years, various programs and projects are now conducted to resolve the issues. In many cases however, whether these programs and projects have been effective is actually not evaluated. Under this circumstance, Social Impact Measurement is....
    OSHINO Saki / ITO Yasuhisa / KAWAI Tomone
    • Social impact measurement
    • Logic model
    • Outcome
    • Health behavior
    • Social issues
  • The environment for constructing information systems, such as faster networks, lower costs, and larger storage capacity, is becoming available at the production site. With these technologies, OMRON realizes an information system that covers the sensor level using the open network IO-Link as a future factory. And the....
    Hashimoto Minoru
    • Information driven system
    • Safety light curtain
    • IO-Link
  • Recently, because of the growing need for automation of monitoring, machine learning has become widely used in the social systems domain. However, the issue of machine learning is that the pre-trainedmodel provides poor performance when the environment changes. Especially in the social systems domain, there are various....
    Yamamoto Yoshiki / Hirai Sawa / Hamabashiri Hideto / Okamoto Yamato
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Image Recognition
    • Transfer Learning
    • Optimization
  • The size of passive components mounted on boards composing a product has been decreasing. Mainstream size will be 0603 (0.6 × 0.3 mm) and 0402 (0.4 × 0.2 mm), whereas the conventional sizes are 1608 (1.6 × 0.8 mm), 1005 (1.0....
    Nishida Katsutoshi / Yamaguchi Koji / Nonaka Yasuaki
    • Surface mount
    • Solder paste printing
    • 0402M
    • Ultrasonic vibration
    • High aspect ratio
  • OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., is working on the development of a watch-type wearable blood pressure monitor that makes it possible to measure blood pressure anytime, anywhere. The increase in measurement opportunities from the realization....
    Kubo Takeshi / Nishioka Takanori
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Arterial compression technology
    • Cuff
    • Oscillometric methods
    • Pulse sensing
  • One of the common subjects among the product development is the excess of development lead-time and cost, and the degradation of the products due to the redesign work by the problems that occurred at later parts of the product development....
    Ikeda Masaaki
    • Design Optimization
    • CAE application technology
    • Trade-off balancing
    • Design quality improvement
    • Design knowledge formalization
  • There is a growing need for miniaturization and high capacity of electronic components along with the trend of miniaturization and energy saving of the equipment, but these requirements have increased the influence of heat on electronic....
    Soda Kazuya / Yokote Yasuhiro / Takegahara Ikuo
    • Thermal deformation
    • Resin parts
    • Anisotropic material
    • CAE
    • Molding material
  • With the spread of IoT, embedded devices are also connected to the Internet, which is in danger of security attacks. If a security attack stopped the control of embedded devices, substantial damage is expected. Therefore, a measure is demanded....
    Kogawara Toru / Yamamoto Taisei / Zeng Zhen / Hirobe Naoki
    • Cybersecurity
    • Embedded device
    • Attack detection
    • Attack classification
  • In this paper, we deal with the grasping points estimation for robotic bin picking. Usually, grasping points are estimated by using 3D CAD of the object to be grasped. However, it becomes difficult to estimate the grasping points for non-rigid objects....
    Nishina Yuki / Hasegawa Takahiro
    • Bin picking
    • Grasping point estimation
    • Robotics
    • 3D recognition
    • Depth map processing
  • In recent years, because of growing concerns about environmental issues, the bonding of dissimilar materials (metal and resin, etc.) has been increasing for the purpose of improving the energy efficiency of products by miniaturization and weight reduction....
    Hiramitsu Norihito / Komori Takekazu
    • Adhesive
    • Thermal cure
    • Spot heat
    • High-speed curing
  • The demand for oxygen concentrators that support COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients will increase in the future. The device supplies oxygen generated by concentrating the surrounding air, and it is necessary to monitor the oxygen....
    Nakagawa Shinya
    • Thermal Gas Sensor
    • Oxygen Concentration Measurement
    • Trinary Gas
    • MEMS
    • Oxygen Concentrator
  • In the visual inspection of the substrate, the crystal structure becomes irregular when the electrode is in the form of a thin film, causing an inconsistent color in the reflection characteristics when imaging is performed using coaxial lighting. The inconsistent....
    Hayashi Shingo
    • Lighting
    • Lighting conditions
    • Visual inspection
    • Phased search
    • MDMC
  • We propose a novel method for on-site software customization to improve performance of facial image sensing. In cases that a user has the following facial characteristics, it is difficult to perform facial image sensing with high accuracy....
    Aizawa Tomoyoshi / Hoshino Koichi / Sakakibara Kei
    • Facial Image Sensing
    • On-site Customization
    • Machine Learning Algorithm
    • Data Collection System
    • Driver Monitoring
  • Driving safety support and automated driving technology have attracted much attention for realization of a safe transportation society. Infrastructure coordinate system is expected to play an....
    Tanimoto Yudai / Ueno Dai / Saito Keisuke
    • Millimeter-wave Radar
    • Automated Drive
    • Driving Safety Support Systems
    • Antenna Control
    • Direction of Arrival Estimation
  • In recent years, power outages and ignition accidents caused by abnormal temperature rises in panel components due to aging of facilities have been increasing. Consequently, for example....
    Ikeuchi Ryo / Yamada Takaaki
    • Machine Maintenance
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Thermal monitoring
  • There are two problems that arise of generating more wiring work for sensors with a tooling change in high-mix low-volume production and increasing downtime by breaking. Therefore, the introduction of a wireless interface is considered. There....
    Murai Akito / Sugimoto Yoshiki / Nguyen Manh Tai
    • Directivity control
    • Microwave power transfer
    • RFID
    • Wireless sensor
    • Multipath fading
  • In recent years, it has been necessary to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by using AI and IoT in the manufacturing industry to reduce the impacts from the shortage of skilled workers and increased labor costs. To meet these requirements, the amount....
    Onishi Hiroyuki / Nagaoka Shingo / Zaitsu Toshiyuki
    • Switched Mode Power Supply
    • Noise Cancelling
    • Miniaturization
    • Power factor correction
  • In recent years, the growing interest in environmental problems has stimulated the urgent spread and efficiency improvement of renewable energy. Energy efficiency increases the rated voltage and the current of electrical devices, and the devices require higher interruption....
    Morichi Takahiro / Hama Kai / Itoda Shuichi / Tashiro Shinichi / Tanaka Manabu / Anthony Bruce Murphy
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Simulation technology to quantify arc interruption phenomena
    • Analysis for electromagnetic and thermal phenomena
    • Energy management device for environmental usage
    • Improvement for arc interruption
  • Photovoltaics is attracting attention because it reduces the global environmental load and improves the energy self-sufficiency rate. However, the power generation cost of photovoltaics in Japan is about 1.6 times higher than that of the....
    Kobayashi Kenji / Nomura Kosuke / Tauchi Hironori
    • Solar inverter
    • Downsizing and weight reduction
    • High efficiency
    • Two phase interleaved boost chopper
  • In recent years, “IoT (Internet of Things)”, in which all “things” are connected by a network, has attracted attention. In IoT, advanced sensing devices that can process and transmit sensing data are being expected in order to create new services...
    Motoki Yuhei / Ueda Naotsugu / Mitoma Kayo
    • IoT
    • Environmental sensor
    • Wireless
    • USB Power supply
    • Algorithm
  • Application of monitoring technology for social infrastructure (2)

    Proposal of evaluation method of deterioration/damage and result of field experiment under SIP project
    Infrastructure built in the period of high economic growth in Japan is becoming deteriorated. However, there are some social issues to maintain and manage. In addition to an increase in the number of structures that need...
    Nishida Hideshi / Takase Kazuo / Hatayama Goro / Sasaki Eiichi
    • infrastructure
    • bridge
    • maintenance
    • monitoring
    • structural analysis
  • Application of monitoring technology for social infrastructure (1)

    For validation and achievement of monitoring system with high site applicability
    In 2022, over 40% of bridges with a bridge length of 2 m or more have reached an aging era exceeding 50 years after completion of bridges in Japan. In addition, engineers of the baby-boomer generation retire and the technical shortage to maintain...
    Kuroda Takuya / Nishida Hideshi / Ozaki Tomohiro / Hinoue Tomohiko / Akai Ryota
    • monitoring
    • Power-saving, low power
    • wireless
    • acceleration
    • strain
  • Many companies have call centers to answer telephone calls from their customers. Call centers’ two major indices, service quality and running costs, have a trade-off relation; improving service quality needs additional operators, who require additional costs...
    Yamamoto Kiwamu / Hatayama Goro
    • AI
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Space State Model
    • Prediction
    • Call Center
  • Recently, manufacturers have some common issues such as highly developed manufacturing, complicated manufacturing, or manufacturing with few skilled people. They are trying to solve these issues by IoT technologies based on big-data which are...
    Ogino Hirotaka
    • Auto Web Inspection System
    • Quality Control
    • BI
    • Condition Based maintenance
    • Internet of Things
  • Simulation technology to predict dynamic motion of relay

    Simulation technology for realizing high capacity of relay
    It is very important for design to predict the dynamic motion of contact for realizing downsizing and high capacity for a mechanical relay along with trend of downsizing of application devices and saving energy. In order to predict the dynamic motion of contact...
    Kondo Sumihisa / Yokote Yasuhiro / Tanaka Hiroyuki
    • Coupled analysis
    • Dynamic motion analysis
    • Contact bounce
    • Breaking velocity
    • High capacity of relay
  • In the manufacturing industry, there is lack of engineers who are responsible for maintenance, due to environmental changes such as a declining birth rate and an aging population. In addition, the existing equipment has becoming decrepit, so the frequency...
    Tsubata Hajime / Yamada Takaaki
    • Temperature Controller
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Anomaly Detection
    • System Identification
    • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Not only high-function electronic products such as PCs and smartphones but also the products such as FA equipment and power electronics products have being downsized. The heat capacity of the printed wiring board (PWB) is increasing due to multi-layering...
    Hirosaki Akihiro / Tamura Toshiyuki / Ueno Yuji
    • JISSO technology
    • Wave soldering
    • Process control
  • Many electronic devices such as relays, switches and FA sensors are used in the various environments, and they are protected by seal to guarantee their movements. In particular, in applications where outdoor use, water including salt (saltwater) such...
    Tatsuno Yosuke / Fukuhara Tomohiro / Nagasaka Shogo
    • Seal
    • Saltwater intrusion
    • Penetration distance estimation
    • Evaluation technology
    • Electronic equipment
  • In the board mounting industry, there are an increasing number of parts and boards that are difficult to be insepected with AOI because solder is invisible. And high quality requirements such as bonding strength of the automobile industry and full surface...
    Shichiro Makoto
    • CT
    • X-ray
    • Automatic inspection system
    • Inline
    • Solder inspection
  • The Ping Pong Robot to Return a Ball Precisely

    ~ Trajectory Prediction and Racket Control for Spinning Balls ~
    We are developing a ping-pong robot “FORPHEUS” that can play table tennis with humans representing the harmony between humans and machines. In order to accurately return the ping-pong ball, the robot must perform the following tasks: predicting the trajectory...
    Asai Kyohei / Nakayama Masamune / Yase Satoshi
    • Robotics
    • AI
    • Optimization
    • Kinetic analysis
  • The size of passive components mounted on the boards composing the product has been increased from the conventional 1608M (1.6 × 0.8 mm) and 1005M (1.0 × 0.5 mm) to 0603M (0.6 × 0.3 mm) and 0402M (0.4 × 0.2 mm) are becoming mainstream. Though these parts...
    Yamaguchi Koji
    • JISSO Technology
    • Solder printing
    • Solder paste
  • In recent years, it has become important to make a full use of sensing data from control devices like sensors via new IT technology such as AI. To accelerate this, it is important to collect and transform ill-formed sensing data from control devices to...
    Kobayashi Yoshiaki
    • IoT
    • PLC
    • Data formatting
    • Control device specification
    • Automatic generation of programs
  • With increasing high-mix low volume production in manufacturing industry, more flexible production facility is required for rearrangement of factory layout. Wireless pushbutton switch requires no signal line and no power supply line by internal...
    Yano Keisuke
    • Wireless pushbutton switch
    • Wireless communication
    • Communication reliability
    • Notification indicator
    • Energy Harvesting
  • Software is becoming larger and more complex mainly due to higher functionality of the product, software implementation of functions what used to be realized by hardware. As a result, increasing development and quality costs, frequent schedule...
    Harada Shintaro / Niwa Toru / Akamatsu Yasuyuki / Taguchi Masahisa
    • Software Engineering
    • Software Product Lines
    • Software Architecture
    • Human Resource Development
    • Process Improvement
  • Development of AI-equipped Machine Automation Controller (2)

    Data collection synchronized with machine control and realization of Time-Series database
    In recent years, in the manufacturing industry, the need to utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) at the manufacturing site continues to rise in order to improve availability of facilities and stably produce high quality...
    Ota Masanori / Nishiyama Yoshihide
    • Time-series Database
    • Embedded Database
    • AI Technology
    • NoSQL
    • Edge Computing
  • Development of AI-equipped Machine Automation Controller (1)

    Implementation of AI system usable by maintenance personnel and installation of AI function in machine automation controller
    At the manufacturing site, the labor force is chronically short. In the future, productivity is expected to decline due to a decrease in skilled technicians, and there is a demand for labor saving. In view of these backgrounds, we are promoting labor saving by...
    Mioki Takamasa / Deki Jintaro
    • AI
    • Real-time anomaly detection
    • Equipment maintenance
    • PLC
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Along with the recent global trend, consumer needs in the market are getting more diversified, and manufacturers are required to produce new products in a short cycle. Manufacturing companies have installed new equipment and added new production...
    Iwamura Shintaro
    • PLC
    • Open Source
    • Git
    • Concurrent development
    • Integrated factory automation development environment
  • Development of AI-Equipped Machine Automation Controller (3)

    Generation of anomaly detection models at manufacturing site
    In recent years, the need has continually risen for the introduction of AI and the internet of things (IoT) on manufacturing floors. It allows manufacturers to contain the impact of skilled worker shortages and surging labor costs, while...
    Miyamoto Kota / Kawanoue Shinsuke
    • Artificial intelligence technology
    • Real time anomaly detection
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Programmable Logic Controller
    • Machine learning algorithm
  • Stable reading for UHF RFID

    Technique for preventing erroneous detection of non-target RF tag
    In the automotive industry, the increase in the number of recalls is a problem. In order to respond quickly when a recall occurs, there is likewise an increasing importance of individual part identification to identify when and where all...
    Nogami Hidekatsu
    • RFID
    • Stable communication
    • Post-installation adjustment
    • Traceability
    • RF tag
  • In recent years, manufacturing companies need to respond the request of “multi-variety, variable-volume production” in the era of diversified needs. Along with that, they also need to develop safety systems that can be flexibly modified...
    Suganuma Hiromu / Fujimura Ryosuke / Kubo Hiroko / Takuma Nobuyuki
    • Automation Software Sysmac Studio
    • Safety Controller
    • Programming expertise
    • Reduction of safety system design man-hours
    • PLCopen Safety
  • In production lines, stable operation of machines is one of the most important factors so that it is required to have scheduled maintenance at the right timing. In most maintenance scenes, maintenance personnel will...
    Yokota Koji / Takeuchi Tsuyoshi
    • Three-phase motor
    • Maintenance
    • Insulation resistance
    • Minute leakage current
    • Leakage current of inverter-driven motor
  • In recent years, the importance of traceability is increasing to respond to quality problems such as recall of automobile industry. In order to realize traceability and fulfill its social responsibility, companies...
    Fujikawa Masahiro / Kurita Masashi
    • Image Processing
    • Automatic recognition technology
    • Two-dimensional symbols
    • Data Matrix
    • DPM(Direct Part Mark)
  • AI Visual Inspection System

    Defect Detection using Deep Learning
    In this paper, we propose a technique to detect various defects in uniform background objects (hairline, satin, etc.) in visual inspection system. “Human resources shortage” and “ diversification of consumer needs...
    Hanzawa Yuki / Ikeda Yasuyuki / Kurita Masashi / Hasegawa Yuki
    • AI
    • Deep Learning
    • Visual Inspection
    • CPU Optimization
  • The progress in displacement sensor technology by the change of application scene in manufacturing

    High Accuracy / High Speed for Realizing Stable Measurement during Scanning
    Conventional triangulation method has been the mainstream for displacement sensors, but on leading-edge manufacturing of customers, there have been the problems of the tuning difficulties when setting by the...
    Takashima Jun / Okuda Takahiro / Morino Hisayasu / Hayakawa Masayuki
    • Displacement sensor
    • High precision
    • High speed
    • Optical design
    • Algorithm
  • Recently, manufacturers of printed circuit boards are required more high quality and more cost competitiveness. Therefore the manufacturing lines must keep high quality autonomously without human skills and work.Omron...
    Mori Hiroyuki / Kishimoto Mayuko
    • Real-time anomaly detection
    • Potential defect prevention
    • Quality management
    • SMT
    • Solder inspection
  • Development of AI Technology for Machine Automation Controller (1)

    Anomaly Detection Method for Manufacturing Equipment by Utilizing Machine Data
    The equipment maintenance and production management for manufacturing, which have been dependent on experience and knowledge of workers, are being improved by AI, IoT, and big data. It is necessary to collect and analyze...
    Tsuruta Kosuke / Minemoto Toshifumi / Hirohashi Yuki
    • AI Technology
    • Real-time anomaly detection
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Programmable logic controller
    • Machine learning algorithm
  • Development of AI Technology for Machine Automation Controller (2)

    The Insight Gained Through Implementation of Anomaly Detection AIs to the Machine Controller.
    Recently, activities of productivity improvement have been attempted at production sites with predictive approaches. Cloud-based machine monitoring systems were once introduced but were not prevailing due to cost...
    Abe Yasuaki / Ueyama Yuhki / Sakatani Nobuyuki / Fujii Takashi
    • AI machine automation controller
    • Anomaly detection AI
    • High speed and light
    • Monitoring and analyzing
    • Isolation forest
  • ILO integrated control technology

    Control technology contributing to innovation in manufacturing
    To solve various control problems in the manufacturing process, Omron pursues advanced integrated control technology of ILO(Input-Logic-Output). In addition to providing ILO devices capable of high-speed and highprecision...
    Namie Masaki
    • ILO integrated control technology
    • Machine automation controller
    • Model predictive control
    • Visual feedback control
    • Control theory
  • Sensor Technology to Realize Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Development and Practical Application of High-precision Multi-element MEMS Pressure Sensor
    OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.,Ltd. is developing new technology to enable beat-by-beat blood pressure monitoring. The conventional oscillometric equipment was unable to measure blood pressure continuously and...
    Kato (Nakagawa) Yuki / Hamaguchi Tsuyoshi
    • Continuous blood pressure monitoring
    • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
    • Tonometry method
    • MEMS pressure sensor
    • Stress simulation
  • Driver Status Monitoring System in Autonomous Driving Era

    Driver Status Estimation with Time-series Deep Learning
    We propose a novel driver’s status estimation system based on driver’s behavior in autonomous driving scene. In future years, drivers are expected to be responsible for driving and monitoring the surrounding environment...
    Hyuga Tadashi / Kinoshita Koichi / Nishiyuki Kenta / Hasegawa Yuki
    • Autonomous driving
    • Driver status monitoring system
    • Time series deep learning
    • Technology for sensing driver’s concentration level
    • Near infrared camera
  • Development of the in-vehicle pulse sensor

    About the pulse rate estimate technique from a microwave sensor
    In late years accidents due to the health condition of the driver are increasing. The precaution is required all the more.Therefore we developed the in-vehicle pulse sensor using the microwave sensor. We installed...
    Mitani Shigetomo
    • In-vehicle pulse sensor
    • Pulse rate estimate algorithm
    • Pulsation period signal detection
    • Microwave doppler sensor
    • Synchronous detection
  • Parking Sensor based on geomagnetic variations of vehicle

    Algorithm based on unique geomagnetic variations
    In this paper, we discuss about vehicle detection technique for the Parking Sensor. Previous technique like electromagnetic induction loop coil, Ultrasonic sensor and Image processing has a problem such as restriction on installation...
    Yoshino Kotaro / Watanabe Makoto / Kanda Shohei
    • Wireless geomagnetic vehicle sensor
    • Parked vehicle detection algorithm
    • Autonomous driving
    • Geomagnetism detection element
    • Engine section detection algorithm
  • In order to reduce the volume and cost of the PCS (Power Conditioning System), miniaturization of AC reactors (ACL) of inverters has been studied. If the ACL impedance value becomes smaller than the Grid-impedance...
    Kamatani Yuhki / Nishikawa Takeo / Zaitsu Toshiyuki / Uematsu Takeshi
    • Power conditioning system
    • Miniaturization of AC reactor
    • Grid impedance estimation method
    • Impedance suppression compensator
  • Development of a new system using extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot

    About a challenge to automation in small-lot production
    In recent years, in order to grow further while maintaining its competitiveness in the environment surrounding the electronic parts business(Electronic &Mechanical Components, hereinafter referred to EMC)...
    Ishikawa Yuichi / Matsumoto Yoshihisa
    • Extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot
    • New production system
    • Functional investment analysis
    • Low-cost pickup and placing robot
    • Nonsynchronous transfer
  • Dynamics simulation technology for high electrical durability relay

    Electrical durability design by numerical analysis approach
    Recently energy efficiency improvement of electrical equipment is promoted as environmental issues. This trend also accelerates both downsizing and switching capability for mechanical relays. We need to control...
    Itoda Shuichi / Nishida Takeshi
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Dynamics simulation technology
    • Electrical durability design
    • Electromagnetic analysis
    • Eco-friendly equipment
  • Development of air quality sensor for air purifier

    Accuracy enhancement by optical system and dust collection structure
    Air pollution by fine particulate matter PM 2.5 is becoming a big topic and increasing people’s interest. PM2.5 sensors are installed in air purifiers in our immediate surroundings vicinity and are also pervasive...
    Kawai Hajime / Miyamoto Hiroyuki / Hirose Yuji / Yamamura Satoshi
    • Air purifier
    • Microparticle detection sensor
    • High-sensitive photo IC
    • Dust collection structure
    • High frequency wave filtering
  • Study and development of low-noise MEMS acoustic sensors

    Important considerations for air damping and process stability
    Acoustic sensing technology like speech recognition or noise cancellation has attracted a lot of attention recently. These new applications stimulate the demand for smaller and lower noise MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system)...
    Inoue Tadashi / Uchida Yuki / Ishimoto Koichi / Horimoto Yasuhiro
    • MEMS acoustic sensor
    • Slit diaphragm structure
    • Reduction of self-noise
    • Layout of narrow-pitch openings
    • Etching process stabilization technology