"OMRON TECHNICS" is a technical journal that introduces the achievements of research and development in the OMRON Group and the technologies that support products and services.

Since our foundation, we have been "creating social needs" through technological innovation and solving social issues. Aiming for the corporate philosophy of OMRON's founder, Kazuma Tateishi - "To the machine the work of the machine, to man the thrill of further creation," we are focusing on developing technologies that create social needs by drawing concrete near-future.

This journal has been published since May 1961 with the aim of contributing to the further development of society by widely disclosing the achievements of research and development efforts to create social needs. All technical papers from 2018 onwards are released on the OMRON website and published as a journal once a year or so.

In order to create innovations that solve social issues, collaboration with partners around the world is essential.
We would be grateful if you could continue to read "OMRON TECHNICS."