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Technological Areas that We Venture into
Creating New Value by Evolving and Expanding Core Technologies

OMRON has evolved its core technologies of 窶彜ensing,窶 窶廚ontrol,窶 and 窶+Think,窶 which incorporate human wisdom and knowledge into machines as AI technology does, in our own unique way, as we combine them for social implementation in the forms of products and services.
Going forward, we will continue evolving our core technologies, while utilizing disruptive technologies that may arise along the way, to keep creating new value.

4 Areas of Technological Focus

  • Area 1


    Existing robots still have a long way to go before we can say they fit into our daily lives.
    If we use robots to perform tasks at a certain level, we still need to take safety measures to ensure that no one is hurt by, for example, controlling speed or torque or setting safety fences.
    It is not easy to teach movements.
    We learn about the way people move based on behavioral observation and human anatomy, and we teach robots to move and function just as we teach people. We are taking on the challenge of creating a new concept robot.

  • Area 2


    Sensing is a technology employed by sensors which convert force, speed, and other physical quantities into electric signals. It also refers to a procedure of processing electric signals into 窶徇eaningful information.窶
    The 窶徇eaningful information窶 which our sensing technology yields continues to expand to include information for a greater variety of parameters, such as conditions and symptoms, in addition to the detection and recognition of the objects being sensed.
    Our challenge now is how to gather such information with ease and without placing any extra burden on users.

  • Area 3

    Power Electronics

    As renewable energy and electric vehicles increase in popularity and become more widespread, and product lines become increasingly automated, power electronics assumes even greater importance.
    OMRON is among the first to work on advanced technologies that cover a broad spectrum, from reducing the noise of high-speed switching circuits using the GaN power devices, to advancing power control, to innovating the design process through CAE. In pursuit of the highest levels of conversion efficiency and miniaturization in the industry, OMRON has dedicated itself to achieving carbon neutrality through greater use of natural energy and power loss reduction.

  • Area 4

    AI and Data Analysis

    We are working on AI and data analysis technology to advance sensing technology窶背hich is equivalent to a machine窶冱 five senses窶蚤nd robotics technology that embodies the physicality of machines and realizes the brains of a machine which serve as the control tower for these technologies.
    Through the development of AI and data analysis, we seek to realize human-centric automation by way of 窶彳fficiently extracting data that humans need to reach a decision,窶 窶彭iscovering clues to extract necessary information from signals that may be buried in noise,窶 and 窶徘redicting the future from diverse data.窶

Message from the Senior General Manger

Technology & Intellectual Property HQ Keep Advancing
窶彜ensing & Control シ亀hink窶
Core Technologies

Core Technologies
to Realize Innovation Driven by Social Needs

OMRON is working to advance our core technologies of 窶彜ensing & Control + Think.窶 Since the foundation of the company, we have been 窶徭ensing窶 the information necessary in the field and honing 窶彡ontrol窶 technology with which to provide optimal solutions to those on the manufacturing floor, in a bid to solve social issues.
In recent years, we have strengthened 窶+ Think窶 technology, which adds knowledge of field service workers to 窶徭ensing窶 and 窶彡ontrol窶 technologies.

To create an exciting society through automation to empower people, which is laid out in our long-term vision, we are taking on the challenge of developing innovative technology for solving social issues, with a focus on these core technologies and our technological philosophy of the 窶彳volution of the relationship between humans and machines.窶
At many different workplaces, typically on manufacturing floors, there still remain many jobs done by humans out of necessity, such as heavy physical labor and hazardous tasks. If we are to continue empowering humans so they can be their best selves in a society where a low birth rate, aging population, and skilled labor shortage will only accelerate, we continue to require technology that replaces human labor with automated operation.
When it comes to cooperation between humans and machines, on the other hand, one may become capable of doing what they could not alone if they divide roles with machines and focus on what they can comfortably do.

For humans to remain integral members of society in ways they like, we will develop technology aimed at achieving harmony between humans and machines.
By focusing on these above-mentioned technologies that facilitate the evolution of the relationship between humans and machines, such as robotics technology that realistically reproduces a person窶冱 five senses and embodiment or interaction technology that works on a person窶冱 cognitive ability, we will back up the realization of the world where machines are blended into the environment and humans and machines co-exist.

By redefining the relationship between humans and machines as described above, OMRON aims to realize its goals outlined in the long-term vision SF2030, namely, 窶彗chieving carbon neutrality,窶 窶彿mplementing a digital society,窶 and 窶彳xtending healthy life expectancy.窶 To this end, our technology development team is focusing on such areas as robotics, sensing, power electronics, and AI, which underpins the first three, as we work to strengthen our core technologies of 窶彜ensing & Control + Think.窶
Needless to say, we cannot hope to strengthen core technologies without the human resources to support this. We will make greater efforts to bolster the environment and programs that 窶從urture窶 and 窶彭evelop窶 people who apply innovative technologies to the solution of social issues and that make it easier for them to 窶徼ake over and pass down technologies,窶 as we keep advancing the 窶彜ensing & Control + Think窶 core technologies that create social needs.

Executive Officer
Senior General Manager, Technology & Intellectual Property HQ
Masaki Suwa