Industrial Automation

Geared towards advancing manufacturing technology, which underpins a sustainable society, we aim to ease labor shortages, enhance productivity, and at the same time, increase worker satisfaction by creating solutions through joint development with customers.


With innovative devices and healthcare services that connect medical professionals with at-home patients, we are contributing to the evolution of healthcare in the three fields of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and other illnesses that severely impact daily life.

Social Systems

With the goal of achieving a carbon neutral and realizing a digital society, we will enhance the sustainability of social infrastructure by facilitating the spread of renewable energy, stabilizing renewable energy power generation, and innovating its maintenance and operation process.

Device & Module Solutions

We are expediting the introduction of new energy and the realization of a digital society through our proprietary technologies for electric or higher-frequency products and innovative solutions centered on devices and modules with minimal environmental impact.

Data Solution

The Data Solution Business H.Q. will collaborate with OMRON's group companies and will lead OMRON towards shifting its emphasis from creating products to creating new values through the data solution business.