May, 1933 Kazuma Tateishi founded Tateishi Electric Works in Higashinoda, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City.
May, 1933 Started manufacturing timer for X-ray photography (established May 10, 1933).
June, 1945 The factory was relocated to Hanazono Dodo-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City.
May, 1948 The company changed its trade name to Tateishi Electric Corporation (established May 19, 1948).
January, 1959Established trademark OMRON. Established the company constitution.
February, 1960Developed the world's first contactless proximity switch.
October, 1960 He completed construction of the Central Research Laboratory in Nagaoka Town, Kyoto Prefecture (present-day Nagaokakyo City).
April, 1964 World's First Electronic Automatic Sensitive Signal Developed
March, 1967 Developed the world's first unmanned station system.
November, 1968 The English company name was changed to OMRON TATEISI ELECTRONICS CO.
March, 1969 Introduced the CALCULET -1200, the world's smallest desktop computer.
June, 1971 Developed the world's first online cash machine.
February, 1972 Established Japan's first welfare factory, OMRON Taiyo Co., Ltd.
1983 "Kenon-kun" was released.
July, 1987 Developed the world's first ultra-high-speed fuzzy controller.
September, 1988 Established OMRON EUROPE B.V. which was an European Regional President in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
October, 1988 Established OMRON ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD., which was an Asian Regional President in Singapore.
April, 1989 Established OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF AMERICA, INC. in Chicago, U.S.A.
January, 1990 Company name changed to OMRON Corporation.
1991 Developed a new in-line inspection device, the Painter.
May, 1994 Established a regional controlling company (OMRON (CHINA) CO., LTD.) in China.
1995 Developed distance warning system.
1996 Developed the VT-WIN board solder inspection system.
1998 Developed a device to determine the authenticity of global banknotes.
1999The division system was abolished and the company system was introduced.
April, 2002 Aiming to expand its business in China, the company promoted its regional headquarters to China.
April, 2003 Established OMRON Relay and Device Corporation by management integration of relay business division and OMRON Kumamoto Corporation
May, 2003 We established the Keihanna Innovation Center in Soraku County, Kyoto, as a core base for our global R & D co-creation strategy.
July, 2003 Established OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. by splitting off the Healthcare Business.
May, 2004 Developed facial recognition technology for mobile phones.
May, 2006 Published the new corporate philosophy called "OMRON Principles."
May, 2006 A global hub for control systems opens in Shanghai, China.
March, 2007Full-scale development of safety business at production sites.
June, 2007 Opened a new R & D center in China.
September, 2007 The world's first real color 3D vision sensor 3D image sensing has been put into practical use.
December, 2009 Launched the ene-brain CO2 visualization system, the world's first automated energy-saving analysis system incorporating the know-how of expert consultants.
April, 2010 Established OMRON Switch and Device Corporation by splitting off the switch business from OMRON.
November, 2010 Started Wellness Link, an IT-based health management service
June, 2011 Announced long-term vision VG 2020 (Value Generation 2020)
July, 2011 Introduced the Sysmac NJ series of machine automation controllers that integrate the necessary functions for machine control. Automation centers were established in Japan (August) and China (September).
January, 2012 Established regional headquarters OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF INDIA in Gurgaon, Haryana State, India.
June, 2012 Established regional headquarters "OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF LATIN AMERICA" in Sao Paolo, Brazil
March, 2013 Established a joint venture with NTT DOCOMO in the field of health support services.
October, 2013 Shanghai OMRON Control Electronics Co., Ltd., an electronics parts plant in China, held a ceremony to open a new plant.
April, 2014 Established regional headquarters "OMRON VIETNAM CO., LTD" in Hanoi, Vietnam.
July, 2014OMRON Automotive Electronics Inc. absorbed OMRON Iida Corporation.
October, 2014 Established OMRON Ventures Inc., an investment subsidiary responsible for corporate venture capital.
September, 2015 MMRSV Participantcoes S.A., which owns NS Industria de Aparelhos Medicos Ltda., a Brazilian nebulizer production and sales company, and two other companies, became a subsidiary of OMRON.
October, 2015 Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. which was US motion control equipment manufacturer and eight of its subsidiaries became subsidiaries of OMRON.
December, 2016 Adept Technology Inc. (Now OMRON Adept Technologies, Inc.) which was the US industrial robot maker and five of its subsidiaries became subsidiaries of OMRON.
January, 2017 Transferred all shares of OMRON Colin Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the medical equipment and medical systems business to Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.
March, 2017 Established regional headquarters OMRON MANAGEMENT CENTER OF KOREA in Seoul, Korea.
July, 2017 Established a capital and business alliance with AliveCor, Inc. in the healthcare field.
October, 2017 Sentec Corporation (now OMRON Sentec Corporation), a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras, and seven of its subsidiaries became subsidiaries of OMRON.
February, 2018 Microscan Systems, Inc. (Now OMRON Microscan Systems, Inc.), which was an industrial code reader manufacturer in the US, and three of its subsidiaries became subsidiaries of tOMRON.
April, 2018 Established OMRON SINIC X Corporation, a research company to design the near future.
August, 2018 Established a new company, OMRON Expert Link Co., Ltd., to consolidate the human resources, general affairs and accounting functions of the OMRON Group in Japan.
February, 2019Transferred all shares of OMRON Laserfront Co., Ltd., which manufactures, sells and provides after-sales service for laser processing equipment, to TOWA Co.
March, 2019 Transferred 80% shares of OMRON Nogata Corporation which a developer and manufacturer of industrial electronic equipment to Advantech Co., Ltd.
October, 2019 Established a joint venture with iAPPS Pte. Ltd. in the field of health care services.
October, 2019 Transferred all shares of OMRON Automotive Electronics Corporation to Nidec Corporation.
January, 2020 Opened the "AUTOMATION CENTER TOKYO" in Shinagawa, Tokyo to promote the latest factory automation solutions.
February, 2020 Made AliveCor, Inc. an equity method affiliate.
March, 2021 Transferred all shares of Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. to Hitachi, Ltd.
October, 2021 Spun off the MEMS business that develops and manufactures pressure sensors and floor sensors to Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.
February, 2022 Established a capital and business alliance with JMDC Inc.
April, 2022 OMRON Group has developed a new long-term strategy for the decade up to 2030, called "Shaping the Future 2030," or "SF2030."
April, 2022 Changed the name of the Electronic Components Business Company to the Device & Module Solutions Company.
April, 2023 Completed investment in Kirin Techno Systems and changed the company name to OMRON KIRIN TECHNO SYSTEMS, INC.
April, 2023 Established OMRON EXPERT ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. to provide human resource services (temporary staffing, outsourcing, and placement) in the engineering field.
October, 2023 Made JMDC Inc. a subsidiary.
December, 2023 Launched Data Solution Business Headquarters.