Sustainability Initiatives

Solving Social and Sustainability Issues
Through Our Business

The OMRON Principles represent our unchanging, unshakeable beliefs. Based on these principles, we identified key sustainability issues linked to our VG2.0 medium-term management plan, which we launched in fiscal 2017. These key issues guide us in solving social issues through our business. We are pursuing innovation driven by social needs in four priority business domains, which we believe will emerge as social issues: Factory Automation, Healthcare, and Social Solutions.

  • Factory Automation

    Solving labor shortages through production floor innovations for a highly productive society

    Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure


    New innovative-Automation products across four focus industries
    that will enrich the world (automobiles, digital, food/daily commodities,
    and social infrastructure)

  • Healthcare

    All people living longer, healthier lives

    Goal 3: Good health and well-being

    Cumulative sales of 32.65million units

    Blood pressure monitor sales: 25 million units/year
    Nebulizer + asthma wheeze monitor sales: 7.65 million units/year

Answering the Expectations of Our Stakeholders
Through OMRON-style Governance.

Human resources management that accelerates the growth of our people and our organization—drivers of innovation at OMRON. Initiatives for manufacturing and the environment that contribute to sustainable manufacturing and innovation. Risk management that supports global business activities. We set high goals and encourage each person to play a starring role in strengthening the infrastructure of our businesses to contribute to a better society.

  • Human Resource Management

    Contribute to customers and society through improved productivity and added value

    Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

    OMRON seeks to foster leaders who can drive innovation and train diversely talented employees to solve social issues through our businesses.

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    OMRON Goals

    Ratio of non-Japanese in managerial
    positions overseas:


  • Manufacturing / Environment

    Create value and contribute to sustainable manufacturing

    Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 13: Climate action

    OMRON pursues product safety, quality, and environmentally friendly manufacturing to provide products that customers can use with confidence.

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    OMRON Goals

    Product safety assessments
    for newly developed products:


  • Risk Management

    Meet our social responsibility, while ensuring corporate continuity and goal achievement


    Become more attuned to risk and identify risks at the earliest stages in the face of a faster pace of change in the operating environment and rising levels of uncertainty. Solve issues through the combined talents of production floor and management.

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    OMRON Goals

    Consistent promotion of OMRON Group Rules
    at all global sites:


External Evaluation

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • FTSE4Good
  • MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes

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