OMRON Joins Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

  • January 24, 2024

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Junta Tsujinaga) is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (HQ: State of Virginia, USA; hereinafter referred to as 窶彝BA窶), the world窶冱 largest industry coalition dedicated to responsible business conduct in global supply chains.
As a member of the RBA, OMRON fully supports the vision and goals of the RBA, as shown below. OMRON also commits to progressively align its own operations with the provisions of the RBA Code of Conduct and to support and encourage its own first-tier suppliers to do the same.

RBA窶冱 Vision and Mission

Vision: A coalition of companies driving sustainable value for workers, the environment and business throughout the global supply chain.

Mission: Members, suppliers and stakeholders collaborate to improve working and environmental conditions and business performance through leading standards and practices.

OMRON窶冱 Shaping the Future 2030 long-term vision identifies 窶徨especting human rights in the value chain窶 as one of the company窶冱 material sustainability issues, and the OMRON Human Rights Policy has been established in order to realize this ideal. As part of its corporate social responsibility, OMRON is working to exercise a positive influence on respect for the human rights not only of its own employees but of all workers in the value chain. OMRON has already been incorporating RBA standards into its own sustainability initiatives in various ways, such as referring to the management system set forth in the RBA Code of Conduct when establishing internal rules and a labor management system for its own sites, and ensuring that RBA standards are reflected in the Supplier Code of Conduct set forth in the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, which OMRON suppliers are required to uphold.

As a member of the RBA, OMRON will advance these initiatives for social responsibility in the value chain, with a view to building more robust global supply chains and striving for the sustainable development of society and the sustainable growth of OMRON.

Long-Term Vision: Shaping the Future 2030

OMRON窶冱 Sustainability Initiatives

OMRON窶冱 Human Rights Policy

About the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is a nonprofit coalition of leading companies dedicated to improving social, environmental and ethical conditions in their global supply chains. The RBA has a Code of Conduct and a range of programs, training and assessment tools to support continuous improvement. The organization has a global footprint, with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. The RBA and its Responsible Minerals, Labor and Factory Initiatives have more than 500 members with combined annual revenues greater than $7.7 trillion, directly employing over 21.5 million people, with products manufactured in more than 120 countries.

RBA Website

About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation is a leading automation company with core competencies in its proprietary Sensing & Control + Think technology and is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including industrial automation, healthcare, social systems, and device & module solutions. Established in 1933, OMRON has about 30,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in more than 130 countries. For more information, please visit

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