Technology Management





Advancing core technologies in order to augment automation with the aim of socially implementing our objective of
"Empowering People Through Automation""Empowering People Through Automation"
which allows people to deliver their full potential

To the machine, the work of the machine; to humankind, the thrill of unfettered creativity窶埜ith this guiding principle of our founder, Kazuma Tateishi, in mind, OMRON's R&D team is working to further hone its core technologies.


OMRON's Technological Philosophy

Innovating the Relationship between Humans and Machines to Create Innovation Driven by Social Needs

OMRON defines the relationship between humans and machines as evolving in three sequential stages of "substitution," "cooperation," and "harmony." In order for humans to be able to focus more on creative work, we go back to the drawing board to determine and redefine how the relationship between humans and machines should be, thus accelerating the creation of innovation driven by social needs.