Augmenting Automation
to Create an Exciting Future
OMRON窶冱 Technology Development



The Future OMRON Wishes to Create
People should have time to spend on
fulfilling their creative desires,
縲fulfilling their縲
縲creative desires,縲
leaving machines to do what they can

This is one of the principles that OMRON founder Kazuma Tateishi advocated for as he worked toward innovation driven by social needs, creating the world窶冱 first unmanned railway station system and other innovations based on revolutionary technology.This is the bedrock of OMRON窶冱 R&D strategy as we continue to shape the future.

Core Technology

Sensing & Control + Think

窶彜ensing & Control + Think窶 represents OMRON窶冱 core proprietary technologies.
To create value that ushers in each new era, OMRON constantly evolves these unique technologies.