Essay of science and technology

The affiliations are current at the time of writing.

OMRON窶冱 Digital Design to Support the Creation of Social Needs
Executive Officer, Senior General Manager, Technology & Intellectual Property HQ, OMRON Corporation
and President and CEO, OMRON SINIC X Corporation
Suwa Masaki
Towards a Future of Closer Human-Robot Distance
Deputy General Manager, Technology and Intellectual Property HQ,and General Manager, Robotics R&D Center
Sekine Junichi
Evolution of Robots in an Era when Humans Work Actively and Creatively
Chief Specialist of Technology, OMRON Corporation Technology and Intellectual Property HQ, and Research Organizer OMRON SINIC X Corporation
Ijiri Yoshihisa
Sensing as five senses of machine
President and CEO OMRON SINIC X Corporation
Suwa Masaki