• Many companies have call centers to answer telephone calls from their customers. Call centers’ two major indices, service quality and running costs, have a trade-off relation; improving service quality needs additional operators, who require additional costs...
    Yamamoto Kiwamu / Hatayama Goro
    • AI
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Space State Model
    • Prediction
    • Call Center
  • Simulation technology to predict dynamic motion of relay

    Simulation technology for realizing high capacity of relay
    It is very important for design to predict the dynamic motion of contact for realizing downsizing and high capacity for a mechanical relay along with trend of downsizing of application devices and saving energy. In order to predict the dynamic motion of contact...
    Kondo Sumihisa / Yokote Yasuhiro / Tanaka Hiroyuki
    • Coupled analysis
    • Dynamic motion analysis
    • Contact bounce
    • Breaking velocity
    • High capacity of relay
  • Not only high-function electronic products such as PCs and smartphones but also the products such as FA equipment and power electronics products have being downsized. The heat capacity of the printed wiring board (PWB) is increasing due to multi-layering...
    Hirosaki Akihiro / Tamura Toshiyuki / Ueno Yuji
    • JISSO technology
    • Wave soldering
    • Process control
  • Many electronic devices such as relays, switches and FA sensors are used in the various environments, and they are protected by seal to guarantee their movements. In particular, in applications where outdoor use, water including salt (saltwater) such...
    Tatsuno Yosuke / Fukuhara Tomohiro / Nagasaka Shogo
    • Seal
    • Saltwater intrusion
    • Penetration distance estimation
    • Evaluation technology
    • Electronic equipment
  • The size of passive components mounted on the boards composing the product has been increased from the conventional 1608M (1.6 × 0.8 mm) and 1005M (1.0 × 0.5 mm) to 0603M (0.6 × 0.3 mm) and 0402M (0.4 × 0.2 mm) are becoming mainstream. Though these parts...
    Yamaguchi Koji
    • JISSO Technology
    • Solder printing
    • Solder paste
  • Software is becoming larger and more complex mainly due to higher functionality of the product, software implementation of functions what used to be realized by hardware. As a result, increasing development and quality costs, frequent schedule...
    Harada Shintaro / Niwa Toru / Akamatsu Yasuyuki / Taguchi Masahisa
    • Software Engineering
    • Software Product Lines
    • Software Architecture
    • Human Resource Development
    • Process Improvement
  • Development of a new system using extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot

    About a challenge to automation in small-lot production
    In recent years, in order to grow further while maintaining its competitiveness in the environment surrounding the electronic parts business(Electronic &Mechanical Components, hereinafter referred to EMC)...
    Ishikawa Yuichi / Matsumoto Yoshihisa
    • Extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot
    • New production system
    • Functional investment analysis
    • Low-cost pickup and placing robot
    • Nonsynchronous transfer
  • Dynamics simulation technology for high electrical durability relay

    Electrical durability design by numerical analysis approach
    Recently energy efficiency improvement of electrical equipment is promoted as environmental issues. This trend also accelerates both downsizing and switching capability for mechanical relays. We need to control...
    Itoda Shuichi / Nishida Takeshi
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Dynamics simulation technology
    • Electrical durability design
    • Electromagnetic analysis
    • Eco-friendly equipment