Intellectual Property (IP) Initiatives

IP Policy

OMRON implements its IP strategies in line with its IP policy to create innovation driven by social needs with near-future design.

  • The OMRON Group strives to achieve innovation by sustaining and developing its business growth through the creation of quality IP and strategic exercising of IP rights. With its employees continuously exploring creative opportunities, the OMRON Group explores future social needs and creates new value.
  • The OMRON Group respects the IP rights of third parties and minimizes the business risk associated with the infringement of IP rights so that employees can concentrate on their activities and ssecure the sound operation of the Group's business.


OMRON's IP initiatives start by building IP architecture, which is needed to develop near-future design窶杯he starting point for creating innovation窶蚤nd then implement IP strategies. The centerpiece of the OMRON Group's initiatives for IP, the Intellectual Property Center has identified its mission & vision to engage in daily activities concerning IP.
It is by living up to the mission & vision set by the members of the Intellectual Property Center that the OMRON Group realizes creating innovation driven by social needs through IP initiatives.

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Intellectual Property Activities

Intellectual property is becoming ever more important as a factor of our non-financial values, in the context of our ongoing efforts to create new value. The Intellectual Property Center under the Technology & Intellectual Property HQ, which plays a central role in the OMRON Group, sets its mission and vision so that we use intellectual property to continue creating new value leading to sustainable growth, to engage in its daily activities.
We have ambidextrous intellectual property activities. And here, in addition to obtaining rights for our company窶冱 unique technology and strengthening the exercise of rights to utilize that technology, we draw up multiple scenarios to realize our near-future design as 窶彿ntellectual property architecture窶 and file applications in advance for innovation driven by social needs. In doing so, we are strengthening IP initiatives to deliver unique OMRON value. In addition, the Company provides internal training to enhance all engineers窶 skills related to patents on a continuing basis. By utilizing the system to reward excellent inventions and recognize contributions for intellectual property, the Company raises the motivation of engineers in relation to intellectual property activities and aims to enhance company-wide intellectual property activities for business growth.

External Recognition

Through these initiatives, OMRON enhances the skills of its engineers to to write patent applications, which in turn leads to becoming highly regarded in external recognition.

Selected as Top 100 Global Innovator 2024
OMRON was selected as a Top 100 Global Innovator, an award recognizing the best 100 innovative companies and research institutes. This is the ninth award in eight consecutive years.

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