Long-term Vision Shaping the Future 2030 Empowering People Through Automation

Under SF2030, our aim is to maximize corporate value by creating social value and economic value through business.
To this end, we identified material sustainability issues for the first time under the long-term vision.
OMRON窶冱 purpose is 窶徼o create social value through business and continue to contribute to the development of society.窶
It will endure, regardless of how society changes. In order to remain true to this purpose, material sustainability issues are fully reflected in SF2030.

About SF2030

Helping shape the Future Value Creation

At OMRON, we innovate to inspire and empower others to make a social impact:
Technology that supports healthier, more fulfilling lives
Solutions that spark the creation of industries that are as green as they are productive,
Systems that enable independence while strengthening relationships,
and automation that extends human capabilities and expands possibilities.
A sustainable future that each and every one of us, inside and outside OMRON, can shape
together, by relentlessly pursuing the same vision:
Empowering People Through Automation

Maximizing the Capability to Innovate Driven by Social Needs

Harnessing AI to build a fresh vision for creativity

More than half a century ago -- well before the onset of the internet and smartphones -- Kazuma Tateishi predicted the dawn of the information age. He also envisioned that it would be followed by an era of 'optimization' during which society will attempt to correct the negative consequences of a materialist culture.

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Resolving Social Issues through Our Business

Leveraging EP100 Membership to Double Energy Productivity by 2040

OMRON HEALTHCARE Corporation, which is responsible for the healthcare business of the OMRON Group, has started operation of a new production line and office for "energy productivity improvement" at its Matsusaka Plant (Matsusaka-shi, Mie Prefecture), a domestic production site for blood pressure monitors and thermometers, in April 2023.

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Maximizing the Capability to Innovate Driven by Social Needs

Creating a Society that Brings Out Human Creativity with Human-Oriented Robots

OMRON is helping to create a better society through technologies that combine sensing, control, and thinking. Through this "Sensing & Control + Think" approach and under its long-term vision Shaping the Future 2030 (SF2030), the company is committed to "empowering people through automation" as it continues to pursue ideal ways for humans and machines to relate, with the ultimate goal of solving social issues through its business activities.

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Generating Diverse Talent Taking on the Challenge of Value Creation

The Diversity & Inclusion and Women窶冱 Empowerment OMRON aims at

OMRON窶冱 Outside Director Izumi Kobayashi held a discussion with Masahiko Tomita, the new Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) as of this past April, on the necessity of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), issues and effective initiatives with regard to promoting D&I and empowering women. Ms. Kobayashi, an expert in business management and international knowledge, provides valuable insights drawing on her experience from having assumed top positions at various international organizations, including President of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd. (now BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.) and Executive Vice President of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency at the World Bank Group.

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Long-Term Vision SF2030

窶廬 would like all OMRON employees to put our corporate philosophy into practice and work together with stakeholders to create a sustainable society through Sensing and Control + Think technology.窶
This is how OMRON's corporate values can be realised.

Junta Tsujinaga, President and CEO

The Autonomous Society OMRON's SINIC Theory

We focus on three: 窶彡limate change窶, 窶徼he aging of society窶, and 窶彿ncreasing wealth gap among individuals窶.
The goals for these three issues are 窶彗chieving carbon neutrality窶, 窶彿mplementing a digital society窶, and 窶彳xtending healthy life expectancy窶.

A society in which these issues are resolved is a society in which people can both enrich society as a whole and pursue their own fulfillment.

At this time of transition. OMRON will stay true to its core values in order to bring about the autonomous society.

Helping Shape SocietyCarbon Neutrality

Distribute renewable energy and encourage the sustainability of infrastructure in a digital society.

  • Coexistence with the natural world, with individual selection of renewable energy methods
  • Renewable energy reduces the number of off-grid areas, and democratizes access to power
  • Distributed energy infrastructure for quick disaster recovery

Helping Shape SocietyDigital Transformation

Creative, flexible manufacturing and infrastructure for a sustainable socirty.

  • Manufacturing for All
  • Manufacturing that Combines The Real and Virtual
  • Manufacturing that Goes beyond Human Potential

Helping Shape SocietyIncreased Life Expectancy

Healthcare systems that allow people around the world to live healthy and prosperous lives.

  • A system that allows everyone to live a healthy life
  • Providing diagnostic and treatment support services to healthcare providers to prevent the severity of chronic and cardiovascular diseases
  • All the benefits of high-quality preventive nursing care, regardless of caregiver skill
About SF2030