• In recent years, “IoT (Internet of Things)”, in which all “things” are connected by a network, has attracted attention. In IoT, advanced sensing devices that can process and transmit sensing data are being expected in order to create new services...
    Motoki Yuhei / Ueda Naotsugu / Mitoma Kayo
    • IoT
    • Environmental sensor
    • Visual Inspection
    • Wireless
    • Algorithm
  • The Ping Pong Robot to Return a Ball Precisely

    ~ Trajectory Prediction and Racket Control for Spinning Balls ~
    We are developing a ping-pong robot “FORPHEUS” that can play table tennis with humans representing the harmony between humans and machines. In order to accurately return the ping-pong ball, the robot must perform the following tasks: predicting the trajectory...
    Asai Kyohei / Nakayama Masamune / Yase Satoshi
    • Robotics
    • AI
    • Optimization
    • Kinetic analysis
  • Development of air quality sensor for air purifier

    Accuracy enhancement by optical system and dust collection structure
    Air pollution by fine particulate matter PM 2.5 is becoming a big topic and increasing people’s interest. PM2.5 sensors are installed in air purifiers in our immediate surroundings vicinity and are also pervasive...
    Kawai Hajime / Miyamoto Hiroyuki / Hirose Yuji / Yamamura Satoshi
    • Air purifier
    • Microparticle detection sensor
    • High-sensitive photo IC
    • Dust collection structure
    • High frequency wave filtering
  • Study and development of low-noise MEMS acoustic sensors

    Important considerations for air damping and process stability
    Acoustic sensing technology like speech recognition or noise cancellation has attracted a lot of attention recently. These new applications stimulate the demand for smaller and lower noise MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system)...
    Inoue Tadashi / Uchida Yuki / Ishimoto Koichi / Horimoto Yasuhiro
    • MEMS acoustic sensor
    • Slit diaphragm structure
    • Reduction of self-noise
    • Layout of narrow-pitch openings
    • Etching process stabilization technology