• OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., is working on the development of a watch-type wearable blood pressure monitor that makes it possible to measure blood pressure anytime, anywhere. The increase in measurement opportunities from the realization....
    Kubo Takeshi / Nishioka Takanori
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Arterial compression technology
    • Cuff
    • Oscillometric methods
    • Pulse sensing
  • Sensor Technology to Realize Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Development and Practical Application of High-precision Multi-element MEMS Pressure Sensor
    OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.,Ltd. is developing new technology to enable beat-by-beat blood pressure monitoring. The conventional oscillometric equipment was unable to measure blood pressure continuously and...
    Kato (Nakagawa) Yuki / Hamaguchi Tsuyoshi
    • Continuous blood pressure monitoring
    • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
    • Tonometry method
    • MEMS pressure sensor
    • Stress simulation