OMRON Included in the “Health & Productivity Stock Selection” for the Third Consecutive Year
Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Ratio of Employees Who Regularly Exercise at Least Twice a Week Rose Approximately Four points From the Previous Year Due to the Use of Online Tools

  • March 04, 2021

OMRON Corporation (HQ: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto; President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada) announced today that it has been selected, for the third time, for inclusion in the 2020 Health & Productivity Stock Selection, which is jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Under the Health & Productivity Stock Selection program, companies are selected from within TSE-listed enterprises engaging in a health and productivity management program in which they focus on and strategically carry out efforts with regard to their employees’ health from a management perspective. OMRON has been selected again in recognition of its health and productivity management practices with regard to “Management Philosophy and Policies,” “Organized Frameworks for Tackling Health and Productivity Management,” “Systems for Ensuring Health-conscious Management as well as Measures for Implementing Them,” and “Measures for Assessing and Improving such Practices.”


With the belief that the health of individual employees is fundamental to our business, OMRON issued “OMRON Health Management Declaration” in 2017, according to which top managers are taking the lead in promoting health and productivity. We also chose “Improve Awareness of Wellness Management” as one of our sustainability targets, and established quantitative targets “Boost5”, taking initiatives to achieve goals. At the same time, we proactively disclose information on our initiatives and its results by way of “The OMRON Health White Paper” and other avenues, thus continuously improving our activities.

Selected Initiatives for Health and Productivity in FY2020
● Provision of Exercise Opportunities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, OMRON has broadcasted radio calisthenics videos and has organized online yoga and weight training seminars so that employees can exercise even at home. For two months from December 2020, a “OMRON Walking Event” was held, and 1,079 employees participated. The ratio of employees who regularly exercise at least twice a week has increased from 30.6% in FY2019 to 34.4% in FY2020 due to these online event-based initiatives that encourage employees to modify their behavior.

Radio Calisthenics Videos by OMRON’s Professional Handball Team
Radio Calisthenics Videos
by OMRON’s Professional
Handball Team
Employees Doing Radio Calisthenics
Employees Doing Radio
Online Yoga Seminar
Online Yoga Seminar

● Provision of Online Health Consultation and Services

To help each employee to better manage their health, OMRON has established a system that enables employees to consult a staff body of industrial physicians, counselors, and over 30 practicing nurses throughout Japan on health matters over the phone or through online videotelephony. We have additionally provided access to chat-type medical and health consultation services*1. As of February 2021, 4,695 employees have registered.

● Implementation of a Smoking Cessation Initiative

A “Stop Smoking Marathon Event” was held for a year from July 2019 with the aim of helping employees to quit smoking with support from their team members. Of the 348 people who participated, 291 outgrew their smoking habit (smoking cessation rate: 83.6%).

In-house Poster Announcing Prohibition of Smoking throughout the Company’s Offices
In-house Poster Announcing Prohibition of
Smoking throughout the Company’s Offices
Team That Outgrew Smoking (2 Quitters and 1 Supporter)
Team That Outgrew Smoking (2 Quitters and 1 Supporter)

To implement the OMRON Principles, we will continue to accelerate contributing to better society, more prosperous society where its employees are empowered and create innovations by developing positive working environments full of smiles and vitality.

*1: External services were employed

About “Boost5”

“Boost5” are five key indicators for improving employees’ health, namely, “Exercise,” “Sleep,” “Mental Health,” “Nutrition,” and “Smoking.” These behavioral objectives not only prevent and mitigate illness and help us to focus while at work, but also allow us to lead fulfilled private lives. For each indicator, specific targets are set. We monitor progress in each indicator by gathering data from medical checkups, stress checks, and other means, to provide feedback to the planning of future policies and report the results in the annual OMRON Health White Paper.


About “The OMRON Health White Paper”

“The OMRON Health White Paper” is a tool that we began compiling in fiscal 2017 to continuously monitor and “visualize” the conditions of OMRON employees’ health.

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