ISO 14001 Certification

Our Stance

OMRON regards the establishment of an environmental management system (EMS) as the best way to ensure PDCA cycle of environmental objectives (plan, do, check and action), prevent pollution, and strictly comply with environmental laws and regulations. Accordingly, the Group is working to promote the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.

FY2017 Overview

In fiscal 2017, one company in the Americas which newly joined through M&A acquired ISO 14001 certification. As a result, 39 production sites, or 98%, have been ISO-14001 certified.

Promoting acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

OMRON Group has a policy that all production sites acquire ISO 14001 certification. With regard to the production sites that newly joined through M&A, the Group works together so the sites are certified within 3 years.

ISO 14001 certified sites: 59 (39 production sites and 20 non-production sites) (Fiscal 2017 Results)

[Production] 39 sites (18 in Japan and 21 overseas)
[Non-production] 20 sites (16 in Japan and 4 overseas)

Please click the linked PDF files to see the ISO 14001 certification of each certified organization/site.