ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management Promotion System

In conformance with the OMRON Principles, the OMRON Group is striving to enhance its corporate value by addressing social issues and helping enrich the lives of people through its businesses.

As for the environmental aspects, OMRON provides products and services that can help protect the global environment, while also promoting environmentally conscious business activities.

Chaired by the President, the Executive Council reports, deliberates, and makes decisions on such matters as the introduction and revisions of environmental management measures and systems to be applied to the entire Group. The Council reports especially important matters to the Board of Directors.

In fiscal 2017, OMRON specified issues that OMRON will address in conformity with sustainability issues identified and respective goals set. Efforts will be concentrated on meeting the goal of receiving ISO 14001 certification at all global production sites by fiscal 2020.

Our Stance

Conventionally, OMRON has considered the construction of an environmental management system (EMS) to be the most suitable way to ensure PDCA implementation, which is needed to achieve environmental objectives, prevent pollution, and strictly comply with environmental laws and regulations. Accordingly, the Group has promoted acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.

FY2016 Overview

In fiscal 2016, three sites in Greater China and one site in the Americas acquired ISO 14001 certification, resulting in a total of 38 production sites having been certified worldwide (95% of all Group production sites). Aiming for 100% acquisition, two sites that have recently joined the OMRON Group through M&A will strive to receive certification within the next three years.

Promoting acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

All production sites that have recently become a part of OMRON Group through M&A will aim for the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification within three years.

ISO 14001 certified sites: 59 (38 production sites and 21 non-production sites)

[Production] 38 sites (18 sites in Japan and 20 sites overseas)
[Non-production] 21 sites (16 sites in Japan and 5 sites overseas)

Please click the linked PDF files to see the ISO 14001 certification of each certified organization/site.