Environmental Management

Turning environmental vision into reality

Environmental Vision
Green OMRON 2020-OMRON Group’s environmental vision based on the OMRON Principles
Environmental Issues and Objectives
Environment-related social issues, in accordance with OMRON’s identified sustainability issues and long-term goals

Goals and Results
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Appropriate Management and Reduction of Hazardous Substances
Reduction of Waste
Prevention of Air, Water and Soil Contamination
Effective Usage of Water Resources
Environmental Management Promotion
OMRON Group’s system to promote environmental management

ISO 14001 Certification
Environmental Education and Awareness Enhancemen
Environmental Communication
Environmental Investments
Sustainable Activities (Products and Production)
Ongoing efforts to reduce negative environmental impact through product development and production activities

Development and Supply of Eco-products
Product Recycling and Reuse
Reducing Containers and Product Packaging Materials
Saving Logistics Resource and CO2 Reduction
Biodiversity Initiatives
Environmental Mass Balance
Green Procurement
Partnering with suppliers to promote sustainability in supply chains