Instillation and Implementation of the OMRON Principles

OMRON Global Awards (TOGA) program encourages employee implementation of the OMRON Principles

OMRON is committed to contributing to its customers and society at large through the implementation of the OMRON Principles. These principles emphasize challenging ourselves to do better, being pioneers, and acting in a customer-centric manner. As such, OMRON launched the OMRON Global Awards (TOGA) program in fiscal 2012. TOGA is designed to encourage employees to declare their commitment to putting the OMRON Principles into practice worldwide, take on challenges as a team, and to support and recognize the challenge-oriented efforts of one another. TOGA has created the opportunity for discussions about taking on challenges in each organization, as well as efforts that transcend regional or functional barriers. This has resulted in many challenge-oriented projects declared and implemented every year.

TOGA has three key features.
First, TOGA focuses on process, emphasizing the way in which the OMRON Principles have been implemented in order to accomplish the goals that teams declare. This is even more important than the results themselves. As such, the following rules have been specified.

1) Because of the emphasis on carrying out one’s words, entrants are required to declare their challenge-oriented activities at the time of entry.
2) Activities to be entered shall be team efforts that involve cooperation and synergy among team members, not individual efforts.
3) The key concept of the entries shall be clearly stated at the time of entry in order to clarify the way in which they relate to the OMRON Principles.

Second, the criteria for evaluation are based on the efforts to overcome challenges. Also, actions conforming to the OMRON Principles and how they are implemented during the course of striving to accomplish goals are evaluated, as well as the results and accomplishments produced. As such, special award categories were provided to recognize the willingness to courageously accept challenges and the attitude of learning from mistakes, even in the case of activities that failed. This encourages employees to praise the efforts of others to put the OMRON Principles into action in various ways.

Third, the tournament-style competition selects each award category’s best entry after selection within each company and in each region. Winning entries in each selection session will be promoted worldwide as exemplary practices across the OMRON Group. The key to TOGA is that employees declare their own challenges, and share, recognize and appreciate challenge-oriented projects with one another.

From February to March of 2015, a selection session was held along with presentations of entries in each region. As a result, 13 entries were selected from around the world and their presentations were made at the Kyoto Head Office on May 7, 2015.

Going forward, OMRON will continue to cultivate a corporate culture in which employees remain aware of how they can best put the OMRON Principles into practice in their respective workplaces, and continue to take on challenges while cooperating with each other.

TOGA Participation Results Worldwide
[FY2012]Entries: 2,481, Participants: 20,828
[FY2013]Entries: 2,519, Participants: 23,524
[FY2014]Entries: 3,651, Participants: 32,751

Sharing the OMRON Principles throughout the world

OMRON has been conducting an ongoing dialogue toward promoting implementation of the OMRON Principles worldwide. For example, top executives visit each site throughout the world, engaging in discussions with local executives and managers and listening to their implementation of the Management Principles at each workplace. This helps strengthen mutual understanding. In fiscal 2014 outside Japan, top executives visited the U.S. and China.

Also, OMRON Principles Dialogues have been held, which mainly target managers throughout the world. Through these dialogues, participants consider how the OMRON Principles are related to their work, and share this with colleagues. The dialogues help each employee strengthen understanding of how the principles should be implemented in daily work.

Guidelines that help promote instillation and implementation of the OMRON Principles

In order to ensure that all OMRON Group employees consistently put the OMRON Principles into practice, OMRON published two sets of guidelines: “CSR Practice Guidelines” and “Implementing the Guiding Principles for Action.”

Aside from Japanese and English versions, these guidelines were translated into 25 different languages, including Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, and Vietnamese.

OMRON Group CSR Practice Guidelines