Launched in fiscal 2017, OMRON’s new medium-term management plan, VG2.0, has defined four focus domains. One of these is the Healthcare domain, which covers home-use and professional-use healthcare and medical devices. These are essential tools for people who want to lead healthy and comfortable lives. The Healthcare Business (HCB) is the main business in the domain. HCB was already promoting the idea of blood pressure monitoring at home at a time when blood pressure could only be measured at a medical facility. HCB has also encouraged the use of nebulizers to treat asthma patients, and its low-frequency therapy devices help people ease their shoulder and back pain. These three main product categories will continue to drive growth in OMRON’s healthcare business in the future.

Social Issues

Increasing frequency of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure
Worldwide increase in respiratory disease

Healthcare costs are rising sharply around the world due to aging populations among developed countries and the increasing lifestyle diseases among emerging economies. Nearly 1 billion people around the world have hypertension*1. Each year, the number of patients with cerebrovascular or cardiovascular diseases due to high blood pressure increases. While a patient suffering from serious medical events such as stroke or heart attack may be saved, their quality of life may be impacted adversely, becoming bedridden or having impaired speech. These outcomes affect not just the patient; they can be significant burdens to their families who must care for them. In emerging economies, air pollution and disruptions in traditional lifestyles have become serious challenges. These countries are seeing increases in the numbers of asthma sufferers. Today, nearly 400 million people have some type of respiratory disease worldwide*2. Through innovative products and services, OMRON helps preserve the quality of life for patients and families impacted by these diseases, while also working to extend healthy life expectancies.

  • *1 Source: World Health Organization
  • *2 Source: International Respiratory Society
  • *3 Estimates based on World Bank and OECD data
  • *4 Estimates based on Ministry of Health and Labor public data, European Respiratory Society data, and Creative Biotech Inc.

OMRON’s Initiatives

Helping realize healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world

OMRON contributes to the healthy lives of people worldwide by predicting risk and preventing disease. As part of this effort, OMRON is working as quickly as possible to reduce to near-zero the incidence of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure, while also striving to prevent asthma attacks. Specifically, OMRON aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and support of disease prevention through the collection and analysis of blood pressure and other vital signs data. While OMRON promotes the use of nebulizers to promote treatment of asthma, it is also working on new technologies to anticipate asthma attacks for early detection and treatment. OMRON will keep striving toward a future of sustainable good health for the people of the world.

Goals for Fiscal 2020

Blood pressure monitor sales 25 million units / year
Nebulizer + Asthma wheeze monitor sales 7.65million units / year

Relevant Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-being

Social Value