9 new OMRON technical papers published

We are pleased to introduce you that 9 new papers have been published on the web.

Efforts to Improve the Accuracy of Board Appearance Inspection by Using a Multi Direction Imaging Method and Automatic Optimization of Inspection Criteria
FUJII Shimpei / TANAKA Takashige
The wetting inspection of solder on components is the most important part of the board appearance inspection. However, solder forms various shapes because of the shape of electrodes, pads, and land. In addition, it is difficult to correctly measure the solder shape due to phenomena, such as shadows, and secondary reflections...

Sonic Communication Technology for Quick Development of Low Cost Connected Thermometers
With the rising demand for body temperature measurement and recording under the COVID-19 pandemic, there had not been a variety of choices for smartphone-connected thermometers. To respond to the significant leap of needs for body temperature recording, we faced the urgent task of developing a connected thermometer ...

Development of Data Collection/Analysis Platform that Supports Q-upSystem for Improving Non-defective Product Productivity
The Inspection System Division has traditionally performed 3D measurement of printed mounting boards and inspected them according to quantified quality standards. AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and AXI (3D-CT method) inspect the shape of solder. The automated x-ray inspection, Q-upNavi, analyzes...

FAST 3D Object Position and Posture Recognition for Bin Picking
In the product assembly process, there is the work of supplying parts randomly stacked in a container to an automated machine. This is called bin picking. In response to the recent shortage of labor at manufacturing sites and the increase in labor costs, automation of this work is required. By realizing bin picking using 3D sensors and industrial robots, it is possible to manufacture a wide variety of products using the same system, and it is possible to reduce the cost and time of the start-up of the production line. At this time, in order to realize the same speed as a human, it is important ...

Development of Power Storage System with Improved Workability
YAMADA Junichiro / OUCHI Yusuke / ETO Gun
Renewable energy is an important low-carbon energy source that can contribute to energy security. A surplus electricity purchase system was started in 2009 to promote the spread of renewable energy. Since then, the purchase price has fallen, while the electricity price has risen. Therefore, the power storage system is attracting attention from the viewpoint of self-consumption in which photovoltaic power generation electricity ...

A Small and Light 3D Vision Sensor for Robot Arms with Robustness in Factory Automation
OTA Jun / NAKATSUKA Hitoshi / INODA Takeshi / MATSUMOTO Shinya
In the manufacturing industry, automation of manufacturing, especially the introduction of robots, is being actively promoted because of labor shortages and rising labor costs, but installation space, start-up person-hours, and flexibility at work are issues to be addressed. In particular, a 3D sensor is essential to estimating the position and orientation of parts accurately in bin picking applications, and a robot hand-mounted 3D ...

Development of Relay Switching Mechanism that Achieves both Low Contact Resistance and High-Capacity Switching
TAKAHASHI Kei / TAJIRI Sayaka / NODA Masayuki
In recent years, high efficiency and maintenance-free systems have been promoted in renewable energies, such as photovoltaic power generation, which are increasingly used as countermeasures against environmental problems. The increase in voltage of the system is accelerating to improve efficiency, and in order to suppress various problems in heat generation when energized with a large current, the relay used for the grid linkage ...

Proposing an IT Application Platform in Controller
In recent years, there has been an increasing need for production to improve by utilizing information processing technology by utilizing the data generated by control equipment at production sites. Since the needs are diversifying and the improvement of information processing technology does not stop, there are a need for an environment where applications can quickly respond to the needs of the field ...

Feasibility Study About Design Process of Power Electronics Converters by Optimization Method Applied Machine Learning
SATO Kazuki / OTA Hiroaki / UEMATSU Takeshi
Applying the optimization methods to design for products as optimization problems is increasingly spreading. Since these methods can make design processes more efficient, we should also use them when designing power electronic converters. Design processes for power electronics converters are roughly classified into electrical circuit parameters, geometric properties of parts, and alignment ...

We look forward to reading these papers.