Investor Relations FAQ

1. Corporate Profile

What is OMRON?

Established in 1933, OMRON has about 30,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in more than 130 countries. For more information, see Basic Corporate Information.

2. Management Policies

What is OMRON's Management Policy?

See OMRON Group Policy, which summarizes management and corporate governance based on the OMRON Principles.

3. Financial and Non-Financial Information

Where can I find information on OMRON's latest financial performance and forecasts?

Please refer to the Presentations Files , Financial Statements and Reference Data.

Where can I find OMRON's operating results for the past?

Please refer to 5-Year Highlights and the fact books for 10 years results.

What kind of sustainability initiatives is OMRON taking?

Based on the fundamental belief that "a business should create value for society through its key practices", we strives to continuously increase its corporate value through the implementation of its corporate philosophy. Please refer to our Sustainability page for details of our policies, initiatives and key ESG data.

How do I obtain a copy of OMRON's Annual (Integrated) Report?

Please follow this link to download a PDF-version of our Annual Report..

4. Business Fields

What are OMRON's business fields?

OMRON’s business fields are Industrial Automation Business (IAB), Healthcare Business (HCB), Social Systems, Solutions and Service Business (SSB), and Electronic and Mechanical Components Business (EMC).
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5. IR Activities

What does OMRON IR team do?

Global Investor & Brand Communications HQ, which is under the direct control of the President, has the IR Department, which plans, manages and promotes IR activities. A total of approximately 10 members engage in interactive communication with shareholders and investors and contribute to maximizing our company's corporate value by providing management with feedback on their opinions and requests. The following activities are carried out throughout the year.

General meeting of shareholders
Results briefing: 4 times a year (every quarter)
IR events such as ESG meeting
Briefing for individual investors, factory tour
Hundreds of investor and analyst interviews per year
Preparation of disclosure materials such as securities reports, integrated reports and convocation notices

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