Disclosure Policy

1. Criteria for Disclosure

Conforming to its basic policy of proactively offering information to realize transparent management practices, OMRON ensures compliance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange's (TSE) Timely Disclosure Rules. To meet increasing demands of shareholders and other stakeholders, OMRON has established its own information disclosure standards stricter than these rules.

For cases that need to be individually judged for disclosure, the Information Disclosure Committee, a cross-divisional organization consisting of members from different divisions, determines the information that should be disclosed from a multi-faceted perspective.

2. Methods of Disclosure

Information to be disclosed in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules is released to TSE's website via its Timely Disclosure network (TDnet).

OMRON regards its website as a key source of information for shareholders and investors. The Company is working, as much as practicable, to proactively and fairly release information not stipulated for release by the Timely Disclosure Rules, but judged by OMRON to be of help for shareholders and investors to understand the Company. OMRON cautions shareholders and investors, however, that disclosure on its website is not necessarily comprehensive. Please also be advised that information disclosed on OMRON's website may be expressed or worded differently from information disclosed through other channels.

3. Prevention of Insider Trading

At the time of disclosure of information to TSE's website through TDnet in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules, such information legally becomes public and non-material. OMRON posts the information on TSE's website in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules, as well as the information on the Company's website that it believes influential for investors' judgment.

4. Silent Period

In order to ensure fairness and prevent unauthorized release of earnings information prior to announcements, OMRON maintains a "silent period" from the day after the closing date of quarterly results until the announcement is made. During this period, the Company refrains from replying to questions or commenting on the earnings and forecasts announcement. However, in the event that results are expected to substantially differ from forecasts, OMRON will make appropriate announcements based on the Timely Disclosure Rules and the Company's information disclosure standards.

5. Third-Party Disclosure and Earnings Forecasts

OMRON shall only discuss public information, commonly known facts and information on general business trends at private meetings with institutional investors, analysts and other third parties. The Company does not endorse comment on OMRON or earnings forecasts and other projections regarding its performance made by third parties.

6. Other

Information received from the OMRON website should be used in conjunction with reference to both this disclosure policy document and other legal disclaimer documents on the website.

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