Human Capital Management

For Us and for the Future of the Earth

To achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth, people must find satisfaction in their work and be given the chance to work with dignity. We create new value by providing opportunities for people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, disability, or other limitations.

Start with OMRON

Our goal is to create a strong company where people grow, enjoy their work, and keep improving performance. To achieve these goals, we focus on developing leaders, promoting diversity, and fostering self-motivated employees. We confirm our progress and listen to employee feedback in a repeated cycle of improvement. Through innovation, we bolster productivity and increase added value, answering the needs of our customers and society.

FY2020 Goals

  • Evolve and Advance TOGA (The OMRON Global Awards) to act on the spirit of the OMRON Principles
  • Increase ratio of core positions at overseas sites filled by local human resources to 2/3 (66%)
  • Accelerate PDCA implementation via employee engagement survey
  • Ratio of women in managerial roles (OMRON Group in Japan) : 8%and more
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