Social Solution

A brighter future for the Earth

There is a great demand worldwide for a social environment in which people can enjoy fulfilling lives and experience peace of mind. Such a community would be fully equipped to maintain infrastructure functions so as not to cause any inconvenience even with worker shortages. It would also be resilient to natural disasters and abundant in clean energy sources. To make this happen, we are ready to offer solutions based on our labor-saving automation technology. Also essential is our energy management technology, which enables effective use of renewable energy, as well as solutions that enable proactive preparation for disasters.

From the perspective of OMRON …

What OMRON can do for future energy consumption

Contribution to energy efficiency maximization

Sensing & Control + Think

Incorporating human knowledge into machines to evolve
Sensors and controllers
that can think for themselves

Challenges OMRON has begun to address

Labor-saving Solutions
Providing remote monitoring service/over-the-counter service support, electronic funds transfer/payment systems, and robot-based services
BCP (Business Continuity Planning) Solutions
Providing infrastructure monitoring service to prevent damage, and service using UPS to protect equipment/information in the event of a disaster, as well as service to enable fast recovery from disaster and continuation in business
Regional Energy Supply and Demand Management Solutions
Offering components/systems/services essential for a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) that can provide integrated management of energy sources distributed across factories and general households in order to optimally balance the supply and demand of electricity in a particular region

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

Contributing to a better society in which people around the world can live in safety, security, and comfort

Value for people and the Earth that OMRON seeks to generate

FY2020 Goals

  • Creation of driving safety support system/technologies
  • Cumulative shipped capacity of PV/storage battery systems 11.2GW (Contribution to generate more renewable energy)
  • Build the energy resource aggregation business using solar pv/storage systems (Japan)