• Development of AI Technology for Machine Automation Controller (1)

    Anomaly Detection Method for Manufacturing Equipment by Utilizing Machine Data
    The equipment maintenance and production management for manufacturing, which have been dependent on experience and knowledge of workers, are being improved by AI, IoT, and big data. It is necessary to collect and analyze...
    Tsuruta Kosuke / Minemoto Toshifumi / Hirohashi Yuki
    • AI Technology
    • Real-time anomaly detection
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Programmable logic controller
    • Machine learning algorithm
  • Development of AI Technology for Machine Automation Controller (2)

    The Insight Gained Through Implementation of Anomaly Detection AIs to the Machine Controller.
    Recently, activities of productivity improvement have been attempted at production sites with predictive approaches. Cloud-based machine monitoring systems were once introduced but were not prevailing due to cost...
    Abe Yasuaki / Ueyama Yuhki / Sakatani Nobuyuki / Fujii Takashi
    • AI machine automation controller
    • Anomaly detection AI
    • High speed and light
    • Monitoring and analyzing
    • Isolation forest
  • ILO integrated control technology

    Control technology contributing to innovation in manufacturing
    To solve various control problems in the manufacturing process, Omron pursues advanced integrated control technology of ILO(Input-Logic-Output). In addition to providing ILO devices capable of high-speed and highprecision...
    Namie Masaki
    • ILO integrated control technology
    • Machine automation controller
    • Model predictive control
    • Visual feedback control
    • Control theory
  • Sensor Technology to Realize Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Development and Practical Application of High-precision Multi-element MEMS Pressure Sensor
    OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.,Ltd. is developing new technology to enable beat-by-beat blood pressure monitoring. The conventional oscillometric equipment was unable to measure blood pressure continuously and...
    Kato (Nakagawa) Yuki / Hamaguchi Tsuyoshi
    • Continuous blood pressure monitoring
    • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
    • Tonometry method
    • MEMS pressure sensor
    • Stress simulation
  • Driver Status Monitoring System in Autonomous Driving Era

    Driver Status Estimation with Time-series Deep Learning
    We propose a novel driver’s status estimation system based on driver’s behavior in autonomous driving scene. In future years, drivers are expected to be responsible for driving and monitoring the surrounding environment...
    Hyuga Tadashi / Kinoshita Koichi / Nishiyuki Kenta / Hasegawa Yuki
    • Autonomous driving
    • Driver status monitoring system
    • Time series deep learning
    • Technology for sensing driver’s concentration level
    • Near infrared camera
  • Development of the in-vehicle pulse sensor

    About the pulse rate estimate technique from a microwave sensor
    In late years accidents due to the health condition of the driver are increasing. The precaution is required all the more.Therefore we developed the in-vehicle pulse sensor using the microwave sensor. We installed...
    Mitani Shigetomo
    • In-vehicle pulse sensor
    • Pulse rate estimate algorithm
    • Pulsation period signal detection
    • Microwave doppler sensor
    • Synchronous detection
  • Parking Sensor based on geomagnetic variations of vehicle

    Algorithm based on unique geomagnetic variations
    In this paper, we discuss about vehicle detection technique for the Parking Sensor. Previous technique like electromagnetic induction loop coil, Ultrasonic sensor and Image processing has a problem such as restriction on installation...
    Yoshino Kotaro / Watanabe Makoto / Kanda Shohei
    • Wireless geomagnetic vehicle sensor
    • Parked vehicle detection algorithm
    • Autonomous driving
    • Geomagnetism detection element
    • Engine section detection algorithm
  • In order to reduce the volume and cost of the PCS (Power Conditioning System), miniaturization of AC reactors (ACL) of inverters has been studied. If the ACL impedance value becomes smaller than the Grid-impedance...
    Kamatani Yuhki / Nishikawa Takeo / Zaitsu Toshiyuki / Uematsu Takeshi
    • Power conditioning system
    • Miniaturization of AC reactor
    • Grid impedance estimation method
    • Impedance suppression compensator
  • Development of a new system using extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot

    About a challenge to automation in small-lot production
    In recent years, in order to grow further while maintaining its competitiveness in the environment surrounding the electronic parts business(Electronic &Mechanical Components, hereinafter referred to EMC)...
    Ishikawa Yuichi / Matsumoto Yoshihisa
    • Extraordinarily small self-controlled run robot
    • New production system
    • Functional investment analysis
    • Low-cost pickup and placing robot
    • Nonsynchronous transfer
  • Dynamics simulation technology for high electrical durability relay

    Electrical durability design by numerical analysis approach
    Recently energy efficiency improvement of electrical equipment is promoted as environmental issues. This trend also accelerates both downsizing and switching capability for mechanical relays. We need to control...
    Itoda Shuichi / Nishida Takeshi
    • High electrical durability relay
    • Dynamics simulation technology
    • Electrical durability design
    • Electromagnetic analysis
    • Eco-friendly equipment
  • Development of air quality sensor for air purifier

    Accuracy enhancement by optical system and dust collection structure
    Air pollution by fine particulate matter PM 2.5 is becoming a big topic and increasing people’s interest. PM2.5 sensors are installed in air purifiers in our immediate surroundings vicinity and are also pervasive...
    Kawai Hajime / Miyamoto Hiroyuki / Hirose Yuji / Yamamura Satoshi
    • Air purifier
    • Microparticle detection sensor
    • High-sensitive photo IC
    • Dust collection structure
    • High frequency wave filtering
  • Study and development of low-noise MEMS acoustic sensors

    Important considerations for air damping and process stability
    Acoustic sensing technology like speech recognition or noise cancellation has attracted a lot of attention recently. These new applications stimulate the demand for smaller and lower noise MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system)...
    Inoue Tadashi / Uchida Yuki / Ishimoto Koichi / Horimoto Yasuhiro
    • MEMS acoustic sensor
    • Slit diaphragm structure
    • Reduction of self-noise
    • Layout of narrow-pitch openings
    • Etching process stabilization technology