For Optimal Sensing and ControlThink & See™ Vision Sensing Technology

What is Think & See™?

The core technologies used in OMRON's extensive range of vision sensing products and services are branded as Think & See™.

Capturing the Essence of the Scene, Extracting Valuable Information

Concept example: Instantaneously locating a target person in a crowd

The underlying goal of our research efforts is to find a way to capture the essence of a scene and extract valuable information from it. Remaining faithful to this objective, our vision sensing technology is now being applied in a variety of industrial and social contexts, where it plays an integral part in many different products and services.
We strive to develop technologies that surpass the human eye in their capacity to quickly and accurately detect and recognize various targets—whether they be small objects, cars, or people—as well as identify those targets' location, shape, material, color, and other attributes under varying conditions and circumstances.

The Value Created by Think & See™

Through our comprehensive study of image processing, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and packaging, we have been able to develop fast and highly accurate vision sensing technologies that can outperform the human eye.

These technologies are already being implemented in a wide variety of fields, including factory automation (FA), video surveillance, intelligent transport systems (ITS), and image processing by mobile equipment.

  • Vision sensors used for factory automation
  • Traffic monitoring for intelligent transport systems
  • Face recognition used in mobile equipment
  • Think & See™ Features. Capturing the Essence of the Scene, Extracting Valuable Information.
  • Fields, Products and Services. Widely used in Industry, Society and Everyday Life.
  • Core Technologies. Object detection, Object recognition, State and attribute estimation, 3D measurement.

About Think & See™ Logo

The red, green, and blue rays of the light in this logo represent information from a scene, and the dot in the letter 'i' symbolizes a brain. The complete logo symbolizes how quickly and smartly our technology can convert a captured scene into valuable information.

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