"Awareness and practice of corporate citizenship"

"Awareness and practice of corporate citizenship" is one of OMRON's management commitments. This commitment drives our social contribution activities dedicated to developing the society and improving the quality of life (QOL) of people less fortunate. We are making efforts to help people with disabilities to live independently and demonstrate their unique abilities. OMRON promotes social contribution activities in the following 6 areas.

Science & Technology

Provision of grants and licensing of OMRON's technology to research and development that promote human-machine harmony

Social Welfare

Support for establishment of organizations that promote employment and social participation of people with disabilities

Arts & Culture

Support for arts & culture (mecenat activities) such as the OMRON Cultural Forum and pipe organ concerts

Global Environment

Business operation to reduce environmental burdens and volunteer activities to preserve environment

Community Support

Activities conducted in different regions around the world

International Exchange

Support for children around the world, including Plan Sponsorship organized by the Plan International Japan