Message from Founder Kazuma Tateisi

Since its establishment in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., OMRON has supported industry with innovative solutions and advanced technologies. We invite you learn more about our pioneering history through stories and photos from OMRON's past.

An overview of OMRON's 80-year history.
The story of OMRON’s founder
The life and times of OMRON founder Kazuma Tateisi, whose innovative approach to business and sheer determination helped make OMRON a global leader in automation.
Major Developments in
OMRON's History
Learn about OMRON's efforts in three areas: improving productivity in the manufacturing industry, improving people's day-to-day lives, and creating a new relationship between people and machines.

The Origin of the OMRON Name

Ninna-ji Temple in KyotoNinna-ji Temple in Kyoto

The origin of the name "OMRON" can be found in "Omuro," the district where Mr. Tateisi first set up shop in Kyoto city.
The company name symbolizes not only the tradition and craftsmanship that permeates the Omuro district,
it also symbolizes a corporate culture focused on innovation and creativity and is now a brand that is synonymous with quality throughout the world.