OMRON Long-Term Vision Shaping the Future 2030 Empowering People Through Automation Empowering People Through Automation

We will create social value through automation, and help build a future
where the affluence of society and individual fulfilment are mutually compatible.
This is OMRON’s long-term vision, Shaping the Future 2030.

SF2030 Vision We Will Continue to Create
“Innovation Driven by Social Needs”
Through Automation to Empower People

In the past we have achieved material wealth through an “industrial society” that values and pursues efficiency and productivity.

We are now in an “optimized society”, where people’s values are shifting from the material to the spiritual. People now place more importance on individual fulfillment than they do on efficiency and productivity. As well as choosing sustainable products and lifestyles, people are increasingly rethinking their work-life balance and searching for employment that makes more use of their abilities.

The transition to a new social and economic system over the next decade will inevitably lead to clashes between old and new values, strain on the current system, and new social issues. OMRON will continue to address these and aim to create an “autonomous society”, where individual fulfillment is compatible with the society’s affluence.

Long-Term Vision SF2030

“I would like all OMRON employees to put our corporate philosophy into practice and work together with stakeholders to create a sustainable society through Sensing and Control + Think technology.”
This is how OMRON's corporate values can be realised.

Junta Tsujinaga, CEO

CEO Message Movie
ポートレート写真 代表取締役社長 CEO 辻永 順太

OMRON's Vision The Autonomous Society

What are the social issues we need to address in order to achieve the ideal society?
We focus on three: “climate change”, “the aging of society”, and “increasing wealth gap among individuals”.
The goals for these three issues are “achieving carbon neutrality”, “implementing a digital society”, and “extending healthy life expectancy”.

A society in which these issues are resolved is a society in which people can both enrich society as a whole and pursue their own fulfillment.

At this time of transition. OMRON will stay true to its core values in order to bring about the autonomous society.


A problem-free, Autonomous Society

Challenges/Solutions OMRON’s
Four Solutions

Using automation, customer assets, and business assets, we will address these social issues through our Four Solutions:

Industrial Automation, Healthcare Solutions, Social Solutions, and Device and Module Solutions.

Three Social Challenges and Four Solutions

Growth Opportunities and Social Value Created by OMRON-Four Domains That Solve Social Issues and Create New Value: The Three Social Issues are “Carbon Neutral”, “Digital Society”, and “Extending Healthy Life Expectancy.” .. There are four domains: “Industrial Automation”, “Healthcare Solutions”, “Social Solutions”, and “Devices & Module Solutions”. “Industrial automation” solves the three issues of “carbon neutrality”, “digital society”, and “extending healthy life expectancy” by “contributing to the advancement of manufacturing that supports a sustainable society”. “Healthcare solutions” solve the problem of “extending healthy life expectancy” by “contributing to zero events of circulatory device diseases”. “Social solutions” solve the problems of “carbon neutral” and “digital society” by “promoting and efficient use of renewable energy and contributing to sustainable infrastructure that supports the digital society”. “Device & Module Solution” solves the problems of “Carbon Neutral” and “Digital Society” by “Contributing to the spread of new energy and high-speed communication”.

We're Changing A New Direction

OMRON aims to build better social systems by expanding automation and implementing it in society. We will also continue our cycle of investment in businesses that help solve social issues.

We are changing the way we perceive value, from “Product Value” to “Essential Value”.
With the perspective of essential value, we must combine “products” with “products and services”.
The expansion of automation will help build society that enrich the lives of people.

OMRON will continue to evolve to create better social systems and implement automation that achieves individual fulfilment.

Social Design Innovator

Social Design Innovator

Our Future Looking Ahead

Shaping the Future 2030
OMRON's mission is to continue to create
social solutions using the power of automation.

To achieve this, OMRON will continue to evolve.

We are committed to achieving the enrichment of society and the pursuit of individuality.

To be continued...

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