Basic Stance for Corporate Governance

Basic Stance for Corporate Governance of the Company

At the OMRON Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the "OMRON Group"), corporate governance is defined as the system of processes and practices based on the OMRON Principles and the OMRON Management Philosophy. The system is intended to ensure transparency and fairness in business and speed up management decisions and practices. This is done by connecting the entire process from oversight and supervision all the way to business execution in order to boost the OMRON Group's competitive edge. OMRON's corporate governance also involves building such a system and maintaining its proper function. The ultimate objective is to achieve sustainable enhancement of corporate value by earning the support of all stakeholders.

In accordance with this basic stance, the OMRON Group has set forth the following corporate governance policies (hereinafter referred to as the "Policies") as the foundation for the Group's pursuit of continuous improvement of its corporate governance.

< OMRON Principles >

Our Mission

To improve lives and contribute to a better society

Our Values

  • Innovation Driven by Social Needs
    Be a pioneer in creating inspired solutions for the future.
  • Challenging Ourselves
    Pursue new challenges with passion and courage.
  • Respect for All
    Act with integrity and encourage everyone's potential.

< Management Philosophy >

We believe a business should create value for society through its key practices.
We are committed to sustainably increasing our long-term value by putting Our Mission and Values into practice.

  • We uphold a long-term strategy in our business practices to create solutions to society's needs.
  • We operate as a truly global company through our fair and transparent management practices.
  • We cultivate strong relationships with all of our stakeholders through responsible engagement.

Cross-Shareholding Strategy

Aiming for sustainable enhancement of its corporate value, the OMRON Group will collaborate with other companies to further enhance social value, and will hold shares of other companies as cross-shareholdings for the purpose of realizing more stable business operations.
The OMRON Group will evaluate the risks and returns associated with cross-shareholdings from a medium- to long-term perspective. The Board of Directors will examine the objectives and rationale behind major cross-shareholdings reflecting the results of the above-mentioned evaluation.
With respect to exercising voting rights for shares held as cross-shareholdings, we will make a decision in light of their corporate value perspective in the medium to long term.

Prevention of Related Party Transactions

The OMRON Group will examine the presence of any transactions in which the OMRON Group engages with its directors, executive officers, and/or Audit & Supervisory Board members, and prepare confirmation documents. Any finding of material fact will be reported to the Board of Directors.
Any transactions between related parties will be disclosed in accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other applicable laws, as well as rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


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