Notice of Launch of Shareholder Benefit Program

January 30, 2013

Company Name: OMRON Corporation
Representative: President & CEO
Yoshihito Yamada
Stock Code: 6645
Stock exchanges: Tokyo and Osaka
(First Sections)
Contact: Shunji Okumura,
General Manager
Investor Relations Department
Phone: +81-3-6718-3421

Tokyo, Japan - The Board of Directors of OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645; ADR: OMRNY) today resolved to launch a shareholder benefit program, as outlined below:

  1. Purpose of the Shareholder Benefit Program

    The shareholder benefit program is being launched to commemorate the 80th anniversary of OMRON's founding on May 10, 2013, to thank shareholders for their continuing support, enhance the attractiveness of investing in the Company's shares, and to increase the number of shareholders holding the Company's shares in the medium and long term.

  2. Nature of Shareholder Benefits Program

    1. Eligible shareholders
      All shareholders recorded in the shareholders' register as holding 100 shares (one unit) or more as of March 31 every year.
    2. Type of benefits
      One of the following (i) or (ii)
      (i) Special discounts on OMRON Healthcare devices
      OMRON will offer shareholders special discounts on OMRON Healthcare devices in accordance with the number of shares held. Shareholders can purchase the items in the shareholder gift catalog by postcard.
      • Special discounts
      • Shareholders holding 100 shares (one unit) or more: 2,000 yen discount
      • Shareholders holding 300 shares (three units) or more: 6,000 yen discount
      (ii) Donation
      • Donations to "Japan Sun Industries," a welfare organization for people with physical disabilities (see note below)
      • Shareholders holding 100 shares (one unit) or more: 2,000 yen donation
      • Shareholders holding 300 shares (three units) or more: 6,000 yen donation
    3. Delivery of benefits
      OMRON plans to send out benefit details to shareholders after Ordinary General Shareholders' meetings in June every year.
  3. Time of Introduction

    The program will be introduced for shareholders recorded in the shareholders' register as of March 31, 2013.


Japan Sun Industries (President: Taro Nakamura), is a social welfare organization that has set up a number of residential and work facilities for people with disabilities. Based in Oita Prefecture, the organization also has branches in Aichi Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture. Ever since it's founding in 1965 it has worked under the motto of "not charity, but a chance" to provide workplaces for people with disabilities. Through alliances with several companies including OMRON, Japan Sun Industries, has jointly established a number of companies with modern factories. In collaboration with Japan Sun Industries, OMRON established OMRON Taiyo Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Yuichi Watanabe), Japan's first factory designed for workers with disabilities, in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture in 1972. This was followed by the establishment of OMRON Kyoto Taiyo Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Seiichi Kajiwara) in Kyoto in 1985.

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