OMRON Announces 75th Anniversary Commemorative Dividend (Notice of Revised Dividend Forecast for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2008)


Company Name: OMRON Corporation
President and CEO: Hisao Sakuta
Stock ticker number: 6645
Stock exchanges: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
(First Sections)
Contact: Hiroshi Oishi, General Manager Investor Relations Department
Phone: +81-3-3436-7170

OMRON Corporation's (TOKYO: 6645; ADR: OMRNY; the "Company"'OMRON','the Company') Board of Directors have announcedtoday passed a resolution to revise the Company's year-end dividend forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2008. This announcement updates the previous dividend forecast made on October 30, 2007.

  1. Reason for Revision of Dividend Forecast

    On May 10, 2008, OMRON will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding. In addition, as announced separately today, OMRON expects to achieve record consolidated income in fiscal year 2007, making this the Company's sixth consecutive year of increased consolidated revenue and income. OMRON is fully aware that this success is due in great part to the support of its shareholders and other stakeholders.

    As an expression of gratitude to its shareholders, OMRON is proposing a special dividend of 5 yen per share in commemoration of the Company's 75th anniversary, in addition to the ordinary year-end dividend for fiscal year 2007.

    In line with its policy on the distribution of profits, which aims to maintain the payout ratio at a minimum of 20% and make profit distributions with a near-term DOE target of 2%, OMRON plans to pay an ordinary year-end dividend of 20 yen per share in fiscal 2007. The Company wishes to pay the commemorative dividend of 5 yen per share in addition to the ordinary year-end dividend, for a year-end dividend of 25 yen per share.

    Together with the 17-yen per share interim dividend paid on December 6, 2007, this will amount to a total full-year dividend payout of 42 yen per share.

  2. Revised Forecasts
      Dividend Per Share
    Term Interim Year-end Total     Annual
    Ordinary Dividend Commemorative Dividend
    Previous Forecast
    (October 30, 2007)
    ¥ 17.00 -- -- -- --
    Revised Forecast ¥ 17.00 ¥ 25.00 ¥ 20.00 ¥ 5.00 ¥ 42.00
    Dividend Paid to Date in Fiscal 2007 ¥ 17.00 -- -- -- --
    Fiscal 2006 Results
    (March 31, 2007)
    ¥ 15.00 ¥ 19.00 ¥ 19.00 -- ¥ 34.00

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