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OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA holds its first IMOZURU - This time, it’s not only about the wins!

December 27, 2023

OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA holds its first IMOZURU - This time, it’s not only about the wins!

To leverage and share the collective experience of delivering better-integrated solutions to the customers, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA held its first sales proposal competition: IMOZURU+ 2023 on Nov 24, 2023. The “+” in the name suggests that this time, it’s not only about the wins. The event aimed to acknowledge not only the successful outcomes but also all the efforts that the sales team put in to strike the right business conversations addressing the apt social issues and customers’ pain points; the zeal to empower customers through OMRON’s integrated-solution approach; work done towards fuelling the transition from product selling to integrated solutions-selling and last but not the least, how much team OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA has learnt from the lost cases. IMOZURU+ provided a platform to propagate this information and experience so that OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA members could leverage this for future success and address customer's challenges with more innovative solutions.

The competition entries had to undergo a multi-stage evaluation and selection process. As the first step, 25+ participating sales personnel submitted their cases to their respective branch managers for selection. The respective branch managers were entrusted with shortlisting and submitting the top cases (won or lost for further evaluation. These 20 shortlisted cases from all branches were then submitted for evaluation by the Industry Managers who named 10 Finalists to present their cases to the jury, in-person, at the Grand Finale in Gurgaon, India on 24th November 2023. The event was attended by all customer-facing team members in–person such as Branch Managers, Industry Managers, Business Development team, etc., along with the Senior Stakeholders of OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA as the Jury:

  • Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA
  • Bhavesh Mehta, Head - Sales, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA
  • Jitendra Chauhan, Head - Industry Strategy, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA
  • Niraj Kumar, Head – IS
  • Hemang Ghelani, Head - Product Marketing & MarCom, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA
  • Shaheena Tambe, Head – HR, OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA

The event was live-streamed to the rest of the OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA members, who attended the event on MS TEAMS to motivate their colleagues and appreciate their great efforts. They also voted online for their favourite Case Presentation, to be later awarded the Employee Choice Award during the felicitation ceremony later in the evening.

The intensive round of presentations and reviews led to the following results:

Winner: Sahana Patil & Team
The Customer, Molex India Pvt Ltd is into connector manufacturing. They manufactured 10 million connectors and shipped them to their supply chain hub. Involving the said batch, a short circuit accident was reported in a domestic household. Post this incident, the entire batch quality was under question and the consignment was put on hold.  The solution offered was OMRON’s Flying Trigger, with 3 cameras. The architecture consisted of NX1P2 PLC, HMI, 3 servo motors, 3 cameras (5 MP), and a Controller. The Customer used OMRON’s Vision Solution for the first time and after a successful execution of the project, the solution added a lot of value to their business and opened doors for new vision applications, possibly across their global plants.

Sahana said, “It was a remarkable experience presenting my first case at IMOZURU, and a successful one. It’s a great platform to showcase our success and learn from each other. Looking forward to learning from it each year.”

1st Runner up: Dular Maniyar & Team
In the words of Dular, “The customer, Nestle India, was facing multiple issues – major labour dependency and in-efficient material movement. We suggested they use OMRON’s AMRs as an effective material movement solution to address their need for enhanced efficiency and lower labour dependency. Unfortunately, we lost this shodan but we learned a lot from it and also established a great KP connection with the Nestle team. If won, it could have been one of the biggest references for AMR success in OMRON AUTOMATION INDIA.”

“Although we lost this shodan, IMOZURU+ gave us a platform to represent our efforts and share the learnings with our colleagues to contribute to their future success.”

2nd Runner-up & Employee Choice Award: Vikas Kaushik & Team

The customer, Shubham Flexible Packaging, is a well-known OEM in the F&C industry providing VFFS machines to all major end users such as Unilever, P&G, Nestle, etc., globally. All end-users were facing issues at the Production level such as wastage control, carbon footprint, leakage issues, speed of machine, etc. We (Shubham + OMRON) decided to co-create a Next-Gen VFFS machine to handle all issues and protect the environment by minimizing carbon wastage.

Vikas says, “We proposed our Next-Gen automation solution enabled with NJ501 Motion Controller, NA 12” Smart HMI, 1SN Servo, and a dedicated NXSLC PLC with Safety Products.  IMOZURU+ offered us a great opportunity to showcase our success story and learn from lost cases because we tend to learn more from our failures.”




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