Purchasing & Procurement Policies

Purchasing Policies

To improve lives and contribute to a better society

OMRON group fulfills social responsibility by promoting comprehensive global Sustainable Procurement including environment as well as compliance with laws and regulations. We also realize valuable products and services and aim for improving customer satisfactions by always procuring best "Items and Services" in whole QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service)
To realize it, we established a group purchasing policy which consists of "Basic Policy" "Management Policy" and "Supplier Code of Conduct" when implementing purchasing activity.
We will contribute to realize a sustainable society through supply chain by integrally innovating with suppliers.

Purchasing Policies

Basic policies

OPEN: Procurement based on an "open" policy and principle of free competition
Provided they share the same philosophy, we are willing to provide any supplier, regardless of nationality, company size, previous business relationship or lack thereof, and any other status with an opportunity to join us based on the principles of free competition. Positive and excellent suggestions and presentations are welcome.
FAIR: Importance on partnerships that are based on fairness and equality.
In procuring component materials and services, we will select suppliers in a fair manner by not only taking into consideration product quality, price, delivery period, environmental conservation, technologies and healthy business management, but also by adding such items as compliance with laws, ordinances, and social standards.
GLOBAL: Reliable global partners
From an international perspective, we will procure outstanding materials, parts and services from sources all over the world, in the optimal regions.

Management Policy

ECOLOGY: Procurement activities that contribute to reducing adverse impact on the global environment.
We will actively use materials and parts that do not contain hazardous chemical substances, and promote "green" procurement that contributes to reducing any adverse impact on the environment.
COMPLIANCE: Strict compliance of applicable laws, regulations and social standards by maintaining a high level of morality.
we will strictly observe laws, ordinances and social standards related to procurement and purchasing, and build partnerships with our suppliers. Moreover, we will appropriately manage and protect suppliers' confidential and personal information which we had obtained through our purchasing and procurement activities.

Supplier Code of Conduct

This is a summary of behavioral and activity standards that we would like our suppliers to practice and comply with.
Please refer to the "OMRON Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines" for details.
The guidelines summarize group purchasing & procurement policies such as "basic policy," "management policy," and "supplier code of conduct" in a single booklet.

窶サrevised to add the Environmental and Human Rights Policies and Compliance Hotline contacts in each area in November 2023.

Requests to Suppliers

In order for OMRON to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in creating products that are trusted by customers, the cooperation of our suppliers is indispensable.

Please make an effort to realize the following items so that a good business relationship can be built for both parties.

(1) Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms
We ask you to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and social norms of the country and area in which you are conducting your business activities.
(2) Assurance of the best quality
We request that you develop, maintain and improve your quality assurance system so as to allow a stable supply of parts and materials satisfying the OMRON Group's quality requirements.
(3) Best pricing for parts and materials
We request that you supply parts and materials at competitive prices and promote the continuous reduction of prices.
(4) Stable supply of parts and materials
We request that you establish a part supply system in line with the OMRON Group's innovations for a reliable supply of parts and materials.
(5) Green Procurement
In green procurement, we specified ecology (reduction of environmental impact) and compliance (observance of laws, regulations, and social norms) as key programs that should be promoted across its supply chain. As such, we certify green suppliers from dual perspectives窶覇stablishment of an EMS for environmental management and a CMS for management of chemical substances contained in products. The activities along the OMRON Green Procurement Standards* are implemented on a voluntary basis.
(6) Technical capabilities
We request that you further enhance your technical capabilities so that you are able to proactively make technical propositions and recommendations to us from the first stage of product development by utilizing your technical expertise and know-how.
(7) Sound business operation
We request that you promote sound and reliable operation of the company for establishing continuous business relations as a good partner with us. To this purpose, we would like to ask you to disclose information on your business and financial conditions.
(8) Maintaining sound business relationships
In order to build and maintain a fair and equitable business relationship, we prohibit the following in principle.
  • Dining together outside working hours
  • Invitations to social events such as golf and travel
  • Delivery and exchange of money and goods such as summer gifts or year-end gifts
  • Other acts objectively recognized as "entertainment"

Supplier Inquiry

OMRON's policy expresses our spirit to contribute to progress and development of humanity and society through our highly satisfactory products and social actions. We welcome suppliers who can cooperate with us in producing more reliable products.

If you are interested in our business, we kindly ask you to contact us by inquiries form.
Technical questions on products are not accepted here.

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