Social Systems


Substantial changes are taking place in human demographics, in nature, and in resources. Affecting many aspects of our lives, these changes include the aging of populations, the frequent occurrence of extreme natural events, and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves. To address these issues, effective maintenance of social infrastructure is necessary, as well as coping with the shortage of workers. Other actions we must take include preparing for natural disasters and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

OMRON pursues improvement in safety, convenience, and robustness of the social infrastructure through the supply of transport management systems and infrastructure monitoring systems. Also, by providing PV inverters and storage batteries for use with solar power systems, OMRON is helping promote the use of renewable energy. This can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as we aim to create a low-carbon society.

Value Propositions

OMRON is committed to 窶徭ocial automation窶 centering on the four areas of Transport, Energy, Living Service, and Community. We will continue working to create a better society in which people worldwide can live in safety, security, and comfort.

  • 窶廢nergy窶 - Building a circular society for the future
    OMRON provides solutions for maximizing energy efficiency, helping our customers address their own energy-related issues.
  • 窶弋ransport窶 - A better future for transport infrastructure
    OMRON works to address the issues caused by labor shortages, while supporting the transformation of railway stations and road infrastructure, by utilizing our advanced sensing and control technologies. As we envision the ideal social infrastructure for the future, OMRON will seek to promote the evolution of transport systems.
  • 窶廰iving Service窶 - Creating a safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyle
    In addition to providing labor-saving solutions, OMRON seeks to maintain and improve the services and functions that are essential for our daily lives. At the same time, we seek to prevent a decline in these services/functions caused by labor shortages. By so doing, OMRON helps people enjoy a safer, more secure, and more comfortable way of life.
  • 窶廚ommunity窶 - Building an autonomous decentralized society
    OMRON offers infrastructure monitoring solutions that observe the conditions of equipment and structures that support our society, by drawing on our advanced sensing and control technologies. Also, by solving various issues of regional communities, OMRON assists in building an autonomous decentralized society.


  • PV inverters for residential solar power systems Share of the Japanese market: Approx.
    * OMRON research
  • Automated rail fare collection systems Share of the Japanese market: Approx.
    * OMRON research

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