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OMRON’s Blood Pressure Monitor Triumphs at Alpro VIP's Choice Awards

December 25, 2023

OMRON’s Blood Pressure Monitor Triumphs at Alpro VIP's Choice Awards

In a noteworthy achievement within the healthcare industry, OMRON Healthcare has clinched the prestigious Alpro VIP's Choice Award for Best Blood Pressure Monitor, a recognition presented by Malaysia's leading prescription pharmacy chain, Alpro Pharmacy. This victory was announced in conjunction with the Alpro VIP's Choice Award ceremony, where a total of 85 outstanding healthcare brands were revealed as the public's preferred choices across various product categories.

The Alpro VIP's Choice Award encompassed of diverse categories such as health drinks or supplements, homecare, mom and baby, over-the-counter, and personal care. With 3.5 million public votes cast for their favorite brands from a selection of 237 choices, the award stands as a testament to the commitment of OMRON Healthcare to enhance the overall well-being of the community.

OMRON Healthcare's recognition as the recipient of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor award underscores OMRON's unwavering dedication to delivering innovative and reliable healthcare solutions. This accolade not only affirms OMRON Healthcare's leadership in the industry and its relentless pursuit of a healthier world, but also the commitment to excellence that aligns with OMRON's initiative of "Going for Zero" – a vision that envisions zero health events and zero barriers to a healthier life.

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