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Industrial Automation Business

A pioneer in factory automation, OMRON offers global support for innovative production in response to the universal manufacturing needs of quality, safety and environmental conservation.

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Electronic Components Business

We support the advancement of digital appliances, mobile terminals and OA equipment. Through the development of high-precision, high-performance components, electronic parts and electronic devices, OMRON brings greater convenience and comfort to everyday life in today's IT society.

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Healthcare Business

We help to improve quality of life (QOL) in the home medical care field. OMRON provides devices and services that help to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and improve health in a variety of areas,ranging from home healthcare to medical facilities, to support healthier lives for all.

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Social Systems Business

With the goal of creating safer and more comfortable living environments, OMRON offers diverse systems, solutions and services that support social infrastructure. Areas of focus include train station solutions such as automated ticket gates and ticket vending machines, as well as road traffic solutions such as traffic control systems.

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