President & CEO Yoshihito Yamada Made Speech at Symposium "Japanese Companies' Power - Corporate Value Creation -" Hosted by Tokyo Stock Exchange

March 10, 2015

OMRON's President & CEO Yoshihito Yamada presented at the symposium (held on March 3rd at TSE Hall) and gave a speech about OMRON's initiatives of value creation management. President & CEO Yamada participated a panel discussion titled "the Secret of Corporate Value Creation Management" as well.

As a Grand Prix Recipient of "2014 Corporate Value Improvement Award" hosted by Tokyo Stock Exchange, President & CEO Yamada introduced OMRON's ROIC Management and its evolutionary version "ROIC Management 2.0" including actual implementation case at the symposium. (click here for the presentation material<PDF 211kb>)

Following the presentation President & CEO Yamada participated a panel discussion chaired by Professor Kunio Ito (Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University), and introduced OMRON's corporate governance system, engagement activities with investors, etc.

Panel discussion Award ceremony held before the Symposium (at TSE Arrows)
Panel discussion Award ceremony held before the Symposium (at TSE Arrows)
Left: Professor Kunio Ito, right: President & CEO Yoshihito Yamada Left: President & CEO Yoshihito Yamada, Right: President & CEO of TSE Mr. Akira Kiyota

The Corporate Value Improvement Award was founded in 2012 to spread and promote management aimed at improving corporate value deemed desirable by TSE in its position as a market operator. TSE listed companies (approximately 3,400 companies) that contribute to the appeal of TSE market, such as by improving corporate value through initiatives which consider capital cost and other investor concerns, are eligible for selection.

Please see below URL for the detail of the award.
TSE press release "Winners of the 2014 Corporate Value Improvement Award"


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