OMRON Announces Fiscal 2009 Interim Dividend (Dividends from Retained Earnings)


Company Name: OMRON Corporation
Representative: President & CEO
Hisao Sakuta
Stock ticker number: 6645
Stock exchanges: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
(First Sections)
Contact: Hiroshi Oishi, General Manager Investor Relations Department
Phone: +81-3-3436-7170

Tokyo, Japan - The Board of Directors of OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645; ADR: OMRNY) today resolved to pay an interim dividend from retained earnings of 7.00 yen for fiscal 2009 (ending March 31, 2010).

  1. Interim Dividend Breakdown
      FY2009 interim dividend
    (confirmed amount)
    Previous forecast
    (announced on
    July 30, 2009)
    FY2008 interim dividend
    Term ending September 30, 2009 September 30, 2009 September 30, 2008
    Dividend per share 7.00 yen Undecided 18.00 yen
    Total dividends JPY 1,541 million - JPY 3,963 million
    Effective date December 3, 2009 - December 4, 2008
    Source of dividends Retained earnings - Retained earnings

  2. Rationale for Determination of Dividend

    OMRON's policy on shareholder return is based primarily on securing internal capital resources for investments to promote growth and in turn increase corporate value, and returning any surplus to shareholders to the maximum extent possible. When determining dividends, the Company takes the level of free cash flow, the payout ratio and the DOE target into consideration.

    Based on past dividends as well as the first half consolidated financial results and full year forecast for fiscal 2009 announced today, OMRON has decided to pay an interim dividend of 7.00 yen per share. Due to uncertainty regarding the economic environment, the year-end dividend remains undecided, but the Company plans to announce it by April 2010 at the latest.

    The expected dividends are as follows:

      Dividend per share (yen)
    (September 30)
    (March 31)
    Full year
    Expected dividends - Undecided Undecided
    FY2009 ending March 31, 2010 7.00 - -
    FY2008 ended March 31, 2009 18.00 7.00 25.00

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