Community Support

OMRON Group Founder's Day Social Contribution Activities, in which All OMRON Group Employees Participate as Volunteers

In "OMRON Group Founder's Day Social Contribution Activities," the company allows employees to use their working hours to experience volunteer activities. Through employees' voluntary participation in social contribution activities, OMRON expresses appreciation for community's continued support and cooperation. The activities started in Japan on the anniversary of foundation in 1991, and then expanded to OMRON Group companies worldwide in 1995. Since 2016, the activities take place on any day, not only on the anniversary of foundation (May 10th), and are solving many community issues through dialogue.

  • ボランティア イメージ02[Japan] Cleanup operation in the area around OMRON Relay & Devices Corporation's factory
  • ボランティア イメージ03[China] Tree-planting in Shanghai, China
  • ボランティア イメージ05[Asia Pacific] Book donation to an orphanage in Bangladesh
  • ボランティア イメージ07[Europe] Cleanup activity at Alatri central park, Italy
  • ボランティア イメージ09[Americas] Painting operation at an elementary school in Chicago

OFI(OMRON Foundation Inc.)

A non-profit organization OFI (OMRON Foundation Inc.) was established in 1989.

OMRON Group companies in North America (the United States and Canada) contribute part of their annual sales to OFI as funds, to provide support in the areas of disaster relief, disability aid, education and medicine.

Kyoto OMRON Community Foundation

OMRON is engaged in community support activities in Kyoto, where the Head Office is based, in the areas of social welfare, sound development of youth, social advancement and participation of women, and maintenance of living environments.