Employee Engagement

"The KURUMAZA" meeting facilitates direct communication between the CEO and employees

"The KURUMAZA," a forum of communication between the CEO and employees, was organized and has been implemented for the purposes of strengthening mutual understanding and making the OMRON Principles the driver for OMRON’s growth.

An employee who participated in the meeting remarked, “It gave me a good opportunity to meet the CEO in person while recognizing the importance of the OMRON Principles and the need for a corporate culture that encourages discussions.” Another participant said, “The CEO gave me specific advice for solving some problems I had with my daily work.”

According to Yoshihito Yamada, President and CEO, this initiative helped him to “become aware of the situations and issues confronting staff members working at the business frontline, as well as their viewpoints and concerns, while also letting them get to know me better.” He also hopes that this meeting will provide a forum for participants to freely exchange opinions and share issues regarding their workplace and their personal visions. He believes that direct communication with employees will also provide him with a great deal of energy. He plans to continue engaging with the “KURUMAZA” meeting in global sites.

Internet-based internal communication media, "ON net"

In 2008, OMRON launched an internal online communication site called “ON net” targeting OMRON Group employees around the world. This global site is intended to promote sharing of OMRON Group vision and strategies. It is also designed to enhance linkage and collaboration among all departments across the OMRON Group.

ON net posts various types of content in a timely manner, including discussions between executives and employees, with the aim of instilling the OMRON Principles. Newly added content consists of video messages on the theme of the VG2.0 medium-term management plan newly launched in fiscal 2017.

In addition to pages introducing new employees and mid-career recruits worldwide, and offering business-related information such as the OMRON Group’s state-of-the-art technologies and each division’s activities, a site dedicated to introducing sports events such as the Kyoto Marathon is also available with the aim of vitalizing internal communications.

In fiscal 2016, ON net offered a large amount of diversity-related information. An active exchange of views and opinions among a diverse group of people with varied experiences and skills will help spur innovation. ON net also promoted the release of information on such important themes as empowerment of women and promotion of local personnel to management positions.

Internet-based internal communication media, [ON net]

Conducting a global employee survey (Engagement Survey)

To achieve sustainable business growth, all employees must fully understand and agree with the direction OMRON is heading toward. It is also important to create a workplace environment that motivates them to achieve the company’s goals and empower them to do their best. As such, OMRON launched the VOICE global employee survey initiative in fiscal 2016, in order to assess the current level of employee engagement.

In fiscal 2016, the survey was offered to some 21,000 employees worldwide, and responses were received from 17,000 employees. The survey results showed that pride in the company, trust in managers, and connection of the OMRON Principles with work were important factors for enhancing the motivation of employees. The survey also led to the finding that collaborations beyond organizational barriers, training, and increased opportunities for employees to play more responsible roles at work are necessary to strengthen employee engagement. These results also indicate the high expectations that employees have for the company’s support in their pursuit of more productive results and self-fulfillment.

By making maximum use of the survey results, OMRON aims to further promote its HR strategy. The goal is to create a workplace environment that enables a diverse group of people to put individual capabilities to fullest use, and generate new value toward the creation of a better society.

By facilitating communication between managers and members of their departments based on feedback from the survey, OMRON aims to create a more rewarding and motivational workplace.