Three Key Global Initiatives

The goal of our human resources strategy under VG2.0 is to create a strong company where people grow, enjoy their work, and keep improving performance. We have established three initiatives to accomplish this goal.

 The first is to foster leaders.
 We included this initiative when we first launched VG2020. To achieve VG2.0 and sustainable growth in the future, we must do even more to accelerate the training of leaders who will drive management and business. In particular, we must focus on leadership overseas, raising the ratio of local employees in key positions from the current one-half to two-thirds within four years.

 The second initiative is the hiring, training, and effective utilization of a diverse employee base.
 This is a new initiative under VG2.0. We want to generate a new chemical reaction by linking the talents of those employees who have brought us to where we are and those employees necessary for future growth. This chemical reaction is necessary for creating innovation. We must hire and train employees who have the skills and unique experiences to help us achieve this goal. By encouraging the growth and performance of individuals with unique characteristics, we can maximize the potential of a diverse workforce and provide an environment and systems for maximum performance.

 The third initiative is to foster self-motivated employees.
 The OMRON Group human resources development policy is to give opportunities to those who are ambitious and who are well prepared. We encourage and support those who take the challenge to generate greater growth. We plan to offer more programs to improve capabilities and skills, providing more support for new career choices that allow individuals to express their talents and strengths. We will also implement a ground-up review of the programs and systems we have in place.

Health Management and Other Specific Action Plans

We intend to execute a number of specific action plans for these three initiatives. Here, we will discuss several of these action plans in detail.

 The first deals with fostering leaders. When we began in fiscal 2011, only one-third of our key positions overseas were held by local employees. Today, that ratio is 49 percent. In Asia, in particular, we started a talent management system during fiscal 2014 to find and train future leaders. As a result, the number of individuals capable of serving in key positions has increased steadily. We are adopting similar systems in North America and other regions, promoting talented individuals.

 The next deals with redesigning work styles to encourage innovation. For example, we plan to offer a wider variety of work arrangements, providing an improved communications and collaboration infrastructure, as well as more choices in work locations, work schedules, and work styles. We believe flexible work arrangements will motivate employees to greater productivity, attract a more diverse workforce, and result in even more chemical reactions.

 We further believe that diversity and inclusion lead to innovation, and are a critical element to our future competitiveness. For Japan, in particular, we have set goals to address the important issue of promoting career advancement for women. As of fiscal 2016, we achieved our goal of having a 3.3 percent ratio of women in managerial roles. Our goal is to raise this ratio to 5 percent by the end of fiscal 2018, and to 8 percent by the end of fiscal 2020. Further, we will provide more opportunities for persons with disabilities to take an active part globally.

 The foundation of our entire human resources strategy is that every employee is able to be healthy and display their talents. Accordingly, we will promote health management throughout our entire company. In July, we made a declaration of health management, identifying five indicators we believe will result in better employee focus: Exercise, sleep, mental health, diet and smoking. This program represents what a company such as OMRON should be. We plan to address these five indicators throughout the year, encouraging greater physical and mental health in our employees and creating a more happy workplace. Using the expertise regarding high blood pressure developed within our Healthcare Business, we aim to implement full blood pressure management among all employees, taking yet another active role in helping promote employee health.

 During fiscal 2012, we launched a very important initiative for the OMRON Group, which we still carry out today. We have challenged ourselves to practice the OMRON Principles through our businesses. One key initiative to share the OMRON Principles among our employees worldwide is the OMRON Global Awards, or TOGA*. Fiscal 2017 will be the sixth year of our TOGA program. We plan to improve and expand TOGA, promoting the shared belief in our principles and self-directed action.

 Last, we began conducting an engagement survey in fiscal 2016 to ensure progress toward our human resources strategy. This survey serves as the starting point for a cycle that includes action plan execution, evaluation of results, analysis of issues, and improvements.

 We intend to continue with this survey as a means to improve our initiatives. We aspire to be a company in which a diverse employee base feels comfortable exchanging opinions, having fun, and creating innovations. By attracting and connecting unique individuals from outside our company, we will accelerate diversity and innovation, building an attractive company that fosters this kind of chain reactions.