Medical Treatment Innovation Offers Unified Patient Administration Promoting Metabolic Management Centers (China)

More than 110 million Chinese suffer from diabetes, many also struggling with kidney, eye, or other diabetesrelated complications. Meanwhile, China has only 20,000 or so diabetes specialists to offer care. Many patients must visit several different doctors, wasting precious time and money. In response to this situation, OMRON MEDICAL (Beijing) Co., Ltd. brought together diabetes specialists, pharmaceutical companies, and medical IT companies to launch standardized metabolic management centers, or MMCs, providing proper treatment for diabetes patients. The MMC is a part of a system using big data to combine examination and treatment data from hospitals with measurement data take in the home. This standardized administration platform now allows for uniform treatment for patients in China. Since its founding in 2016, the MMC system has been joined by 188* medical institutions from 28 provinces and districts across China.
  • * As of February 2018

Respect for All is the Key Reducing Employee Turnover Through Mutual Respect (Mexico)

OMRON Automotive Electronics de Mexico S. de C.V. (OAX) is located in the state of Guanajuato, home to the largest concentration of automobile manufacturers in Mexico. Here, employment is expected to grow 46 percent through the year 2020. This environment has led to competition for employees, creating serious issue of turnover not only for OAX, but also for many other local manufacturers. OAX took the OMRON Principles declaration of Respect for All to heart, starting the OMRON High School (high school education) for the more than 100 OAX factory employees. The company also introduced 35 other projects for the local community. OAX employees felt more pride as part of an organization contributing to the economy, and fiscal 2017 employee turnover fell 21 percent year on year. These initiatives have fostered a culture of mutual respect and encouraged a culture of innovation. These programs have also forged stronger relationships between the company, customers, and the local community.