Legal Environmental Assessment


Perform legal environmental assessment at all global production sites

Our Stance

As OMRON seeks to prevent pollution of the local environment, it will ensure compliance with agreements made with municipalities and their residents in which OMRON Group companies operate. To realize a society in harmony with nature, OMRON will also strive to prevent air, water and soil contamination. We remain committed to preserving the environment.

To avoid or minimize environmental risks and the losses arising from such risks, OMRON will implement environmental risk management.

In the event of an instance of environmental pollution, OMRON will promptly respond by taking appropriate measures. With the top priority on human life and safety, OMRON will work to minimize damage and restore the environment as quickly as possible. At the same time, we will ensure business continuity and work to prevent recurrence of the same problems, so as to fulfill our social responsibilities.

FY2017 Overview

In fiscal 2017, there were no violations of environmental laws or regulations.

In many countries, especially emerging Asian nations, environmental regulations related to climate change, resources and energy, and other environmental issues are being reviewed and further strengthened.

To ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, the OMRON Group is working to establish a system to understand environmental laws/regulations that its production sites are subject to and keep track of their revisions.

In fiscal 2017, legal assessment by a third party with a focus on compliance with environmental laws/regulations was conducted at 15 production sites in Japan, Greater China, and Asia-Pacific. Upon the risks identified at the assessments, corrective or improvement actions were taken according to a formulated plan. These actions have been completed at a total of 36 (90%) production sites by the end of fiscal 2017.

OMRON will keep working to conduct legal assessments at all production sites.

Cleaning up Contaminated Soil

At sites where soil contamination have been discovered, OMRON is working to clean up the contamination in accordance with applicable laws.