Stop Use of CFCs*1/HCFCs*2 and Mercury (Fluorescent Lamp Use)


Stop use of CFCs in FY2018.
Stop use of HCFCs and mercury (fluorescent lamp use) in FY2020.

Our Stance

In conformance with applicable laws and regulations in Japan and abroad, as well as industry trends, OMRON has specified certain chemical substances as subject to in-house control, as it strives to conduct appropriate management of these substances.

FY2016 Overview

In fiscal 2016, there was no incident of leakage of chemical substances.

In fiscal 2017, OMRON has set out to address below environment-related social issues, in accordance with our identified sustainability issues and long-term goals.

OMRON will concentrate its efforts toward abolishing CFCs at all its global production sites in fiscal 2018, as well as abolishing HCFCs and mercury (for fluorescent lamp use) in fiscal 2020.

PCB Detoxification

For devices with low concentrations (minute amounts) of PCBs, as well as power capacitors and fluorescent lamp ballasts both with high concentrations of PCBs, a detoxification treatment was completed in fiscal 2016 by the Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation (JESCO).

Management of PRTR Substances

As for PRTR substances, the amounts used and transferred are managed at all production sites worldwide.

  • *1 CFCs : Chlorofluorocarbons
  • *2 HCFCs : Hydrochlorofluorocarbons