Environmental Mass Balance

OMRON assesses the amounts of energy and resources used (inputs) and the amounts of greenhouse gas and other emissions (outputs) in all stages of a product’s lifecycle, from procurement of raw materials to its use. The obtained mass balance data is used for reducing the environmental impact of its business activities.

Environmental Mass Balance

  • Sites surveyed: 18 sites in Japan and 20 sites overseas
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    *1 Sum of Scope 1 GHG emissions (occurring through the combustion of fuel or use of 6.5 gas) and Scope 2 GHG emissions (caused by electricity consumption).
    *2 Estimated from Number of units sold in a year x Average number of hours per year in use x Electricity consumption per hour.
    *3 Volume of CO2 emissions reduction contributed by society’s use of the OMRON Group’s energy generation and energy saving products and services.
    *4 Reduction of mercury in the environment through the prevalence of digital thermometers and digital blood pressure monitors. *5 TCM stands for Thousand Cubic Meters
    *6 kt stands for thousand tons