Environmental Communication

Our Stance

OMRON is committed group-wide to preserving the global environment through its business and reducing the environmental impact of the OMRON Group’s business activities. As such, OMRON strives to communicate its stance of environmental contribution and its ongoing activities, while proactively disclosing environmental information.

In disclosing the information, OMRON puts transparency and continuity first and promotes the use of various media such as Integrated Reports and website.

FY2017 Overview

OMRON released information on the progress of activities being promoted as part of OMRON Group Environmental Vision Green OMRON 2020 through Integrated Report 2017 and website.

OMRON has set targets for reducing the impact of its business activities on the global environment and for the creation and supply of products and services that help to reduce environmental impact. OMRON is steadily moving forward in its efforts to meet both of these targets.

Disclosing Environmental Information

As part of its drive to disclose its environmental information, OMRON cooperates with external organizations for surveys and research. These include the CDP’s climate change and water questionnaires, Corporate Sustainability Assessments for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and other surveys by ESG rating organizations, and Nikkei Research’s environmental management survey.