Goals and Results

Environmental Objectives (Goals as of Fiscal 2020)

In fiscal 2017, OMRON have set out to address below environment-related social issues, in accordance with OMRON’s identified sustainability issues and long-term goals.

Issues Goals as of Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2017 Results Evaluation
Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions Achieve four percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
(vs. fiscal 2016 SBT conformity)*1
The goal was set in FY2018
Environmental contribution*2 greater than CO2 emissions at production centers Environmental contribution*2(659 thousand tons of CO2)> CO2 emissions from global production sites (204 thousand tons of CO2) As planned
Appropriate management and reduction of hazardous substances Reduction of mercury through the prevalence of digital thermometers and digital blood pressure monitors: 69 tons / year*3 51 tons/year (74% progress) As planned
  • - Equipment using CFC: Down 39%
  • - Equipment using HCFC: Down 25%
  • - Use of mercury: Down 26%
As planned
Reduction of waste Achieve Zero Emissions*4 at all global production sites 23 sites (58% progress) As planned
Prevention of air, water and soil contamination Perform environmental legal assessments at all global production sites 36 sites (90% progress) As planned
Effective usage of water resources Reduce water consumption at all global production sites by 6% vs. FY2015 result*5 Down 5.9% As planned
Facilitating environmental management Acquire and maintain ISO 14001 certification at all global production sites 39 sites (98% progress) As planned
  • *1 OMRON committed its participation in Science Based Targets Initiative in July 2018, and revised FY2020 target to absolute amount, back-casting from FY2050 goal. Click here for more information.
  • *2 Volume of CO2 emissions reduction contributed by society’s use of the OMRON Group’s energy generation and savings products and services
  • *3 Revised reduction goals following trends of mercury regulation in each country
  • *4 Recycling of waste: 98% or higher
  • *5 Changed the previous goal into absolute-amount goal at the beginning of FY2017