Goals and Results

Environmental Objectives (Goals as of Fiscal 2020)

In fiscal 2017, OMRON have set out to address below environment-related social issues, in accordance with OMRON’s identified sustainability issues and long-term goals.

Issues Goals as of Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2016 Results Evaluation
Reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions Environmental contribution*1 > CO2 emissions from global production sites Environmental contribution*1(593 thousand tons of CO2)> CO2 emissions from global production sites (200 thousand tons of CO2) As planned
Ratio of global sales to CO2 emissions (from global production sites): 30% improvement compared to FY2010 results 20% improvement (67% progress) As planned
Appropriate management and reduction of hazardous substances Reduction of mercury through the prevalence of digital thermometers and digital blood pressure monitors: 69 tons / year*2 52 tons/year (75% progress) As planned
Stop use of CFCs*3 in FY2018. Stop use of HCFCs*4 and mercury (fluorescent lamp use) in FY2020 Setting goals and creating action plans As planned
Reduction of waste Achieve Zero Emissions*5 at all global production sites 18 sites (45% progress) As planned
Prevention of air, water and soil contamination Perform environmental legal assessments at all global production sites 21 sites (53% progress) As planned
Effective usage of water resources Reduce water consumption at all global production sites by 6% vs. FY2015 result*6 Setting goals and creating action plans As planned
Facilitating environmental management Acquire and maintain ISO 14001 certification at all global production sites 38 sites (95% progress) As planned
  • *1 Volume of CO2 emissions reduction contributed by society’s use of the OMRON Group’s energy generation and savings products and services
    *2 We revised reduction goals following trends of mercury regulation in each country
    *3 CFCs : Chlorofluorocarbons
    *4 HCFCs : Hydrochlorofluorocarbons
    *5 Zero Emission means construction of resource recycling system by effectively utilizing waste as raw materials and others
    *6 We changed the previous goal into total-amount goal